Friday, June 12, 2015


Until... yesterday morning. I catch the hubs pouring Spark into a water bottle! AND I see a Slam on the counter for later. 

Me: oh yeah? ...what's going on in here (as he barely looks up as if I caught him red handed!)
Eric: nothin'...get outta here (sarcastically with a proud face)
Me: oh ok...I see (snickering as I walk off!)

But for real! He's hooked! 
He's actually been using BioCharge powder in place of the Amino Acid pills he used to buy and says he likes it but was very un-interested in Spark and Slam. These are great quality products yall! 

Wanna try them out for yourself? Please do!! My fav flavors are Green Apple and then Fruit Punch.

LOVE the products and want a 20% and up to 40% discount on every order?! Then sign up to become a Distributor. You don't have to sell the product...just reap the benefits of the discount! When you sign get a free starter kit which INCLUDES free samples (I received a whole box of Spark and Slam!). You won't regret it...I promise!!  Visit join #teamWrightforLife! It will change your life forever!!

Have a great day yall!

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