Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The 'You're Gonna Hate Me ' Plyo Workout!

lose the cupcake
Crazy Hair. Don't Care!
This girl is too much. Yep, she's having oreos and milk for an afternoon snack!
I personally cannot eat just one oreo if I fit it into my meal plan....I just can't. I am wired to eat the ENTIRE box. Just like I cant eat a few goldfish....I'll eat half the box.
I've been doing some thinking of why I can't reach my goals and it's because on the days I work in a yummy snack....I have no will power and end up snacking WAY too much. I mean it's reached a point to where I know I have a problem and need to take action! Everything is ok in moderation but for me....eating a half bag of goldfish a day is not an option (nor healthy)....and I'm talking about a COSTCO sized half bag :-/
So I've decided for myself...that I'll eat nutritious meals and save the goodies for my cheat meals or days!
I am a little jealous of YOU if you've got will power. The more power to ya!
Another Great workout video for you this week! It's a killer plyo/cardio workout. Try 4 sets of 15 each. and DON'T HATE me afterward.
CLICK HERE to view the video!
Of course this can be done anywhere or during an hour lunch break if needed!
If you loved the Apple Cinnamon Crockpot Oatmeal in a previous're gonna love this snack!
It's super easy AND Reaghan approved!
If you've received a nutrition plan from me...this would count as one protein and one fruit (great for meal 2 or 4).
ALSO...I do add a tiny bit of Splenda Blend for a little sweetness...and you can definitely chop your apple rather than shred (it's easier for Reaghan to eat with shredded apple).
cinnamon greek yogurt
Its been 3 months since my first cleanse and I have to say I was completely amazed with the results. Just amazed. I had some serious tummy issues going on and the cleanse COMPLETEY cleared all of that up. I also gained so much energy...which I needed...because who does't need extra energy when chasing around a toddler!
I've decided I'm ready for another cleanse and will be starting on Monday if anyone wants to join. You know you need one after Labor Day Weekend!
If you're ready to give the Cleanse a HERE! (or you can contact me directly at
You're body will love you for me!
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