Monday, January 11, 2016

A Healthier Me!

Each day is a new day to start your health and fitness journey! Eric took this at a Crossfit Comp I participated in a month ago.

I didn't start working out post baby until 8 months postpartum. I was barely dragging myself to the gym and wasn't seeing those final pounds from my baby weight drop off. I was beginning to get frustrated. Then I found Advocare! Advocare honestly gave me the ENERGY I needed! AND provided me with the right supplements to SEE the change I was looking for! It also made me CARE about what foods I was putting into my body. Within a VERY short time I had ladies complimenting me at the gym asking what I'd done! I use Advocare products from our Performance Elite line DAILY!

If you want to COMMIT to see change or if you want to earn an extra $500 a month....please contact me! Start your journey today! You won't regret it! Becoming a member of Team Wright is only $75 and that gets you 3 boxes of Spark and the opportunity to create something great!!

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Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday!

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