Monday, February 15, 2016

Health & Fitness Goals: HOW TO incorporate them into your family

Setting Goals…
Since I’m still working on my video skills….I’ll type a little (ok…a lot)!
I have to say that setting goals are one of the most important parts of starting to live healthy…as an individual and as a family.

As I tell you in the video (oh wait...I didn't post it!)…set small goals to reach your main goal! This allows you to make small victories (small is better than nothing) and keep you from getting discouraged!

Set specific goals. For example…if your family does not eat healthy what-so-ever…you may want to set a goal to eat healthy 2 days out of the week. Master it…then move on to your next goal.

Ask yourself WHY you and your family are setting these goals. Is it to lose weight (maybe you want to make your haters jealous?)? Is it to become healthier and have more energy? Is it to set a good example for your kiddos? If you have a WHY…this will drive you to want to succeed.

HOW will you achieve this goal? Be sure to sit down with the family and discuss the goal. Come up with a plan of action on how you plan to achieve the goal. If your goal is to eat healthy 2 times per week….plan ahead what meals you will make and what days you are going to cook. Maybe you need to write it down and stick it on the fridge?

TELL a friend or another family what your goal is to help keep you accountable! Maybe they will even want to join in!

Some days you’ll be a rockstar, some days you’ll feel like poop, some days you’ll want to give up and some days will be a complete fail. Just know that it’s a process…if one day gets the best of you…pick yourself back up (yes….you…get off the floor) and conquer the next day!

So get your booty off the couch or bed or wherever you might be chillin’….and get healthy!

I even found a free printable to help you get started…
Click HERE for a free printable I found from Back to Her Roots to track meals and exercise per week!

So since we are suppose to tell a friend what our goals are....I'll go ahead and share mine.
My goal is to eat according to my macros (especially on the weekends) until vacation!
I'll be honest...weekends really get away from me (like when I eat half of the cookie dough before baking the cookies). So we go on vacation to Florida starting March 6th...I'm sure I'll be putting on a bathing suite...which is why I would like to stick with my macros! AND we are flying with Rea (any tips for flying with a toddler?!)

So since I told you my goal...what goal are you currently (or just thought of) working toward?

Wishing you a happy and healthy day!
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  1. I have flown with my toddler quite a bit so I thought I would share some tips...

    Wear her through the airport and check both the stroller if you are bringing one and the car seat so you do not have the drag them through the airport.

    A backpack is your best friend! I have traveled with both a shoulder diaper bag and a backpack diaper bag and the backpack as a diaper bag is so much easier!

    Wear comfy clothes!

    Pack snacks for the toddler.

    Pack things to keep your toddler busy. We typically bring the iPad loaded with some of her favorite Disney junior shows. We also bring little toys she likes to play with along with books and coloring books. We also let her bring one of her dolls as she is all about her dolls!

    Pack an extra set of clothes for both you and her packed separately in gallon size zip lock bags in case off emergency.

    Pack a small blanket for your daughter.

    Good luck!


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