Thursday, February 11, 2016

19 months old

I really don't know how reaghan is over a year and a half old. The time really does fly by. 

I love that we can 'see' her learning new things every day. 

She lights up a room anywhere she goes! 

She's also started the terrible twos...or at least I think so! 

We are currently experiencing the 18 month sleep regression. I think we are on the tail end of it now. Or maybe that is wishful thinking! 

She acts like a monkey by scratching the top of her head and says 'ooh ooh ee ee'!

She is bilingual! She knows what water is but calls it agua!

She also loves books and Elmo!

There is so much more to say about this girl but I'm sure you don't need a book! 

I just thought I'd share since I haven't really posted many pics of Rea on the blog!!


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