Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hi there!!

Well I am completely new to blogging but find it so fascinating! I try to live a simple life but it keeps getting busier! (you will notice I use a ton of exclamation points...not sure why...I just love them!) I work a full time job in a small office doing a ton of different things...ranging from payroll to P&Ls to invoicing. I also started two companies... For LOve of a cupcake and Lavish Sweets Boutique! My days keep getting busier! and (use coupon code OFF20 at the Lavish Sweets shop!)

So this is just an introduction of myself and my life! I ramble so bare with me! I have found the love of my life and we have been dating for 2 and a half years (he is my superman! And he is obsessed with superman lol!). I have the sweetest and most spoiled puppy ever!!! I say she is a puppy but she is 3! She is such a ham!

I hope you join me in my journey :) I'm looking to find fashion and will be baking and crafting a ton! My average (and maybe interesting) ramblings of my life!!

Eric and I leave for vacation tomorrow. A MuCh NEEDED vacation! It's only to Austin (a few hours from we currently live but hey... I'm not conplaining! Lol I'll be back to post again after our mini vaca!

Chloe the cockapoo (aka...clo clo)...this is her pouting chair...if we are not paying enough attention to her lol


  1. hey girl, thanks for stopping by my blog and following! my husband and i are thinking about coming to austin in Dec to celebrate our anniversary--any cool places we have to hit? also, i have a cockapoo, too--LOVE!

    so glad i found you and your blog--best wishes on this new endeavor


  2. Hi Amanda, you're so cute! I can't believe all the things you do, you're so active, I get tired just thinking of all the things you do. I see you live in Texas. I'm Sicilian but I grew up in the Bronx in New York. My husband is Japanese so I make a lot of Asian food. I have a serious sweet tooth so I'm following you. Here in Rome it's now 40 degrees Centigrade, real tropical weather.

  3. ah! pouting chair :) so cute! this is cool that i happened onto your blog when i did. to kind of start fresh with you i guess since you're new to blogging. i like that. it's rare to find but it makes the experience much more fun when you get to see new things happening to someone, you know? haha i can tell i'm going to love this blog. you and your man are all good lookin' and your blog has to do with cupcakes (kinda)... haha :) oh yeah

  4. Welcome to the blogging world! You are an adorable couple and I am so glad you are enjoying your blogging adventure so far!

    Liesl :)

  5. Welcome to the blogging world! It is a very fun and very welcoming place. :) You and your man are a very gorgeous couple and your pup is darling!! Hope you enjoy the ride!

    I LOVE exclamation points too!!!!!


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