Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Engaged!

So this weekend was a life changing weekend for me! We went to Austin with two couples (close friends). i actually had a feeling he might propose by the end of the year (we have been together for two and half years)...but never in a million years would i have thought he would do it in front of friends!

I am so so excited...we get to start planning a wedding! i think we are going to shoot for a March/April wedding ;-) heehee.

My ring is gorgeous and the proposal was SO SWEET!!

The guys wanted to cook the girls dinner (steak and potatoes) we were excited about that!  we hung out at the pool all day and the girls werent taking showers before i didnt either.

Needless to say i sure didnt look my best when he proposed. ;-(

Dinner was served and was delicious...the guys took our dirty plates into the kitchen...came back a few minutes later...each guy carrying a plate covered by a silver platter. they said "we have a little surprise for you girls".

they placed a platter in front of each girl and we uncovered our plate. On MY plate...was written "Will you marry me!?"...i look over at Eric and he was already to one knee! I looked at the plate again and realized what was happening! And of course i said yes!! I start was very emotional lol!

So... Do YOU guys know of any awesome wedding websites? I will need all the help and tools I can get to start planning a wedding!


Best vaca ever!!


  1. Ahhh!!! I am SO excited for you!!! Isn't being engaged the best feeling...I think my natural high from it lasted weeks and quite honestly is still kind of there! You will have so much fun planning your wedding...I am having a blast and love going to all the wedding websites and blogs daily, especially Style Me Pretty! Congratulations and enjoy every moment! You can now join in on Wedding Wednesdays! Yippeeee!!! :) :) :)

    Liesl :)

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog by chance - and I love this post so very much! That plate looks incredible, what a thoughtful and romantic way to propose! March/April is not even a year away - I would love to hear how you get on with wedding preparations, weddings are possibly my favourite thing in the whole world lol? Must be a very exciting time for you! I am following your blog now - hope to hear from you soon! Best wishes to you and above all, congratulations! :D xxx

  3. awwww what a cute story! it almost made me cry, remembering how fun it is to get engaged and then to be engaged. congratulations!!!

  4. Such a sweet engagement! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You will have such a fun time planning your wedding. Best wishes!

  5. aww congratulations!!
    found you on mingle monday!

  6. Ah I love this! you two are adorable.

  7. Congrats... hope you're enjoying all the planning so far! The Knot is a great website, as is

  8. Congrats!
    The best wedding website for ideas hands down is
    I love weddings so much!


  9. congratulations - this is super sweet. and i liked all the tips on "the knot" ( ... it helped me a lot :)

  10. I just stumbled accross your blog and I love it! Congrats on your engagement :) I am also engaged and getting married on 09/01/12. New reader/follower :)

  11. I just ran across your blog and love it! Also...CONGRATULATIONS! I'm very happy for you! I'm doing a review series on different wedding websites on my blog! You should check it out each Wednesday starting this week! It may help!
    Thank you for sharing all that you do!

  12. I love engagement stories now that I"m engaged. :) When are you getting married?

  13. New follower, here :-) What a fun engagement story...and it's always neat when there are pics of the event!


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