Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where to begin? planning a wedding... that is...

So i am the type of person to get flustered pretty easily and to just say"forget it" when things get to be too much. i wish i wasnt like that but i can already see myself getting flustered with planning a wedding!

i have already set up some appointments to tour some venues this weekend. (ill take some pics and post after the weekend!) Im really not sure if we will be able to make the April time frame i want! i think that is prime wedding season and we only have 7 months! yikes!

I think i like the gazebo style ceremony...and have the reception at the same venue. to seemsso much easier if its all at the same place.

i am leaning towrds a soft pink theme and below are some inspiration pics!

**do you guys have ANY advice on where to begin with a wedding or tips on planning a wedding?! HUGS!


  1. How exciting!!! Planning a wedding is really one of the best parts! I planned my wedding in 6 months! and what I would recommend to you is.. Find the dress first, because you need at least 6 months frame for the dress to be ready. Then move on to the venue because people make reservation very early!! then go on to the photographer, caters and so on... If you need any more help, I would be happy to help you!

    New follower <3

    Lots of Love,

  2. looove these photos! you have such a cute blog:)


  3. The soft pink would work wonderfully. Although there is a fine line between soft pink and bubblegum pink - in too large doses, it can look sickly. In the right quantity - tasteful. I'm sure you will get it just right... you've made a good start, a brainstorm and touring some venues... wish you loads of luck with those and hope you find the one that can fulfil your dream wedding! x

  4. :) welcome to the blogging world!
    and congrats on the engagement!

    i am super happy for you :)

    i hope this can help your stress go away

    ill be following you <3


  5. You can totally plan a wedding in 7 months. Totally. My husband and I were complete wedding idiots and we did it in 6. I suggest downloading what of those planner apps. Or if you're old fashioned like me, buy one from the bookstore. That wedding section is no joke.

  6. Love, love love this color scheme! It is feminine without being overbearing.


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