Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crazy Busy Tuesday! Plus a link up ;)

I had the busiest day ever! Hence the late post ;-(
I am also linking up with Melina with "What's on my mind Tuesday".

1. Why is today so crazy????
2. I came home and Eric had already cooked dinner!!! What a sweetheart. I Am so lucky that he does house work on his days off(and he was even sick)
3. I couldnt wait to check the mail today! I received a yumm-o package from Simply Posh by Mel. Stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway of her yummy treats!

4. Ummm... Is Eric really watching Tangled? (yes the cartoon movie haha.. He loves that movie as much as I do!!!)
5. So glad we have picked a date to take our engagement pics! Eric and I talked about what outfits to wear...hmmmmm

SO... What outfits are best to wear for engagement photos? Any suggestions?
Sorry this was such a short posting:-/ Hugs! Manda Panda


  1. hi love !!!!

    aawww i am so happy you linked up
    and how cute that Eric cooked for you!

    You are one lucky girl :)

    for the pictures check this link out
    you might get some ideas :)

    Different couples
    Different styles
    Different themes

    hope it helps love <3


  2. I like your Blog! I'm following! I hope your visit! Have a wonderful Day!



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