Monday, September 12, 2011

The weekend went by too fast...

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Hi friends! i think this weekend went by way too fast! well...considering for the past two weekends...i had three day weekends. ;-)

We pretty much relaxed most of the weekend.
Chloe relaxed as well lol. (thats her favorite spot by the way... and will see alot of pics of chloe...she is our child for now lol)

i started feeling sick on Friday and then Eric was sick sunday ;-(

we have Netflix and watch one movie every weekend. (dont we have such an amazing intersting life? lol)  Well this weekend we watched Rango. you know the cartoon with the lizard and Johnny Depp is the voice? (yes we watch cartoons!) Speaking of cartoons...Eric DVR's Thundercats every that is now our Saturday morning ritual haha ...along with Sports Center of course...I'm actually getting into Thundercats now!

Anyway...back to wasnt as good as i had hoped...but it was decent and cute. just a little slow.

I also added some cake truffles to my shop!
These are Carrot Cake Truffles...i am not an artsy decorator but they sure are good!


  1. :) i have netflix too!
    what would i do without it
    i always watch 24 on my one hour
    lunch break at work :)

    i hope you and Eric are feeling better hun!

    the truffles look so yummy!
    you are killing me with your goodies! <3


  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog from Mingle Monday! =)

    Do you recommend Netflix?? My hubby and I keep contemplating it...but can't decide. We usually just do Redbox.

    And oh my goodness, those Carrot Cake Truffles look a-mazing. Seriously.

  3. mmm those truffles look SO good. carrot cake is one of my fave dessert flavors too. we get a weekly movie from netflix too! it is nice to have something to watch together. xoxo jillian:: enter to win a knit cowl!

  4. Love finding another Texan :)

    Your Chloe is precious! Lucy is our little child too, she's a Yorkie <333

    LOVE Netflix. We also watched Rango, but didn't even finish it because we disliked it. *shrug*

    Hope you're feeling better!

  5. Awww Chloe is so adorable! Our dog Wrigley is basically like our child too. And that is so funny that your record Thundercats! I might have to share that one with my husband!

  6. Hi, visiting from Mingle Monday! Haha, I felt the same way about Rango, my bf dragged me to see it in the theaters! It was cute, but slow like you said. The bf loved it though!
    Cute blog!

  7. hi love its me again :)

    i was given an award today and
    i am giving it to you :)
    stop by and grab the button <3


  8. Cute blog and cute dog! I love Netflix, so convenient!


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