Tuesday, October 25, 2011

On my mind Tuesday!

Is it seriously only Tuesday?!?! I feel like I've done a weeks worth of work already!!

I have quite a bit on my mind today!

Let's start with a little from my weekend. As I mentioned last week... Eric and I were going to a Halloween party Saturday. We dressed up as Lady Thor and the Incredible Hulk! It was fun getting E ready! We... I mean... I airbrushed green body paint onto Eric! It was actually pretty easy. Then we cut his wig and airbrushed that as well! And then we frayed and cut his jeans and shirt. 
Can You pick out the Real Hulk and E? We did a good job huh!

What's new in my closet????!!!! My new riding boots!! Love these!!! They will probably make an appearance in our engagement photos we take tomorrow!

Speaking of engagement photos! We wanted a "save the date" sign and I found one at Our Hobby to Your Home. WOW! I loved the photos on the website but in person it really is very nice!!

I also want to say THANK YOU to all the ladies that participated and linked up with us yesterday for "Motivate Me Monday"!! Don't forget to try a new healthy recipe this week so you can share it with next weeks link up! And share anything else you what you accomplished for that week or what was challenging! Keep us up to date with your progress!

Oh yeah!!!!!!! We are getting a new bullmastiff puppy!!! He is not even in the mommy's belly yet but soon to be! The pups will be born in January so the new addition to the fam will arrive in march! That seems so far away tho lol! But super exciting!

Last but not least! Don't forget about Simply Posh by Mel! Her cake pops are SO UNBELIEVABLY delicious! She is now catering to weddings! Take a look at this set up for a wedding she recently did! Amazing! We are actually using her cake pops as our wedding favors! Send to a special someone or just buy for a late night snack or treat for yourself!! These would make perfect favors or desserts for baby/bridal showers too!

Oh yeah... I wanted to link up with Tail Wagging Tuesdays but i dont think she did the link up today! You share a cute pic of your own pup! For some reason Chloe likes to sit like a human! She was not liking the fact of me taking pics of her lol.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Love love love your Costumes! You look so cute...Eric looked great too! nice job....congrats on your puppy! That is fun....also love the boots and the save the date sign....fall weddings are the best!!!

  2. What a fun post! The costumes are great!!! The boots are so pretty!

  3. hi gorgeous!
    you guys looked amazing
    love the costumes!
    I can't believe how green Eric looked haha

    :D i hope you had a great weekend!


  4. oh my gosh that Hulk costume is unbelievable! I love yours as well! I am looking for a new recipe to try for MMM!

  5. Your costumes are awesome!!! Your finace seriously looks better than the real hulk. And i love your boots they will be so cute in your pictures.


  6. those costumes are great!! so fun!

  7. Your costumes are too funny, they look great!! And I love your boots & save the dates!! Have fun taking your engagment photos! I still need to get mine taken, not sure when I should!

    Have a great day!


  8. Love the Halloween costumes... you guys look great! I'm also loving your Save the Date sign :)

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  9. Just found your blog! Your newest follower! Really enjoy reading! Can't wait to get to know you! I love the sign and the lovely cupcake pops! Super awesome.


  10. I love that sign what a great idea! And costumes are amazing! Love it!

  11. Your guys' costumes are amazing! Best ones I've seen this year! And that sign is awesome! I'm about to send out my save the date magnets, wishing I'd have thought of that sign sooner!
    xo Steph

  12. Awesome costumes! You guys did a great job :)

    I'm new to the blog and it is super cute. I'm your newest follower!


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