Monday, October 24, 2011

Motivate Me Monday!

Our First Link Up for Motivate Me Monday!
I am co-hosting with Ashley and Whitney!
For Love of a Cupcake
Today's Challenge/Topic is : 
(as stated in last weeks post HERE)
Let's get to know you.
Why fitness is important to you. 
Are you just getting started on your quest to be motivated?
Goals you want to reach.. short or long term.
What areas you struggle with vs. your strengths
Anything you want to share about your fitness journey.
just have fun with it! 


I just want to be healthy and fit! I've been a pretty active person my whole life. I honestly believe that fitness and being healthy is a LIFESTYLE. When people ask me questions...I'm honest...It's not a fad or something that happens over night. It is a lifestyle with daily choices...and your diet is a big part of that.

Some Strengths:
- I normally eat a pretty healthy diet throughout the week. Meaning no sodium, lean meats and plenty of veggies. I ACTUALLY EAT 5 TIMES A DAY!! that my only strength? yikes!

Some Challenges/Weaknesses:
- I have a HUMONGOUS sweet tooth. I try to save my sweets for the weekends but that doesn't always happen!

- I DON'T drink enough water! I know this is huge and a big NO NO. This is definitely something I need to work on. How do you guys get enough water in through out the day? I just get so busy and forget!

- Getting up at 4:30 in the morning DOES NOT agree with me lol. Half the time I am barely awake so I feel like I didn't get anything out of my workout. But at least I went right?!?!

- To make it to the gym at least 3 to 4 times per week!
- Drink at least 8 oz of water every day!

I don't want to be super skinny or anything like that.
I just want to be healthy and toned!!

Try a healthy new recipe this week and share it with us next Monday! Let us know how your week went!

Now Link up and tell us about yourself!
Grab the button and follow along with Ashley and Whitney!
Our goal is to help motivate each other! So let's have fun and get motivated!
Share anything you want! Or ask us questions and we'll help find an answer!


  1. OMG!!! I am obsessed with that last quote. This really sticks! I am so guilty of comparing myself to others and I have to remind myself that my body type is different, and I should be proud of me and what I have accomplished!


  2. Wow you inspire me. But I'm just still so lazy! I need to get back to consistently working out!

  3. I work at a coffee shop right now and all day I just drink hot water with lemon. It keeps me from the lattes and I end up drinking like six glasses of water without even thinking about it.

  4. LOVE this link up! Can't wait to join in with y'all next Monday! :) YAY! I need some major motivation and this could be the way to do it!


  5. Love the link up and your great quotes. I am totally with you about not drinking alot of water. The funny thing is, when I DO I feel SOOO MUCH better and can tell when I don't. I am back on the water bandwagon thanks to the link up!



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