Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chopping down our Christmas tree today! and a funny story about last year's tree!

Happy Sunday!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Unfortunately...for some reason...we didnt take ANY photos on Thanksgiving.
As you know...we hosted it at our house this year...and after everyone left...we were seriously pooped! And so was Chloe...obviously lol!

We are off to chop down our Christmas tree today!
And then decorate the house with Christmas decor!

So fun!!

Let me start off with some photos from last Christmas and tell you a quick story! And of course a blonde moment...

This is our HUMONGOUS Christmas tree from last year!
This poor tree never stood a chance. Within two weeks it was dead and I really couldn't figure out why. Until E asked...if I had been watering it. That was my only job (because it was my idea to chop down a real tree)! To water the tree every day. I even left out a pitcher to fill with water. THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN THIS YEAR! I PROMISE!
Needless to say...within a couple of weeks we had to put up the fake tree.

This is E cutting it down...Such a lumberjack lol!

And me putting the star on top of the tree! (barely able to reach it!)

Our first Christmas photo together! (can you tell that the tree in the photo is a ton smaller than the tree that I'm putting the star on?)

I bought this ornament to remember our first tree!

Do you put up a real or fake tree? And have you ever killed your real tree??!



  1. We always do (several) fake trees. My mom is obsessed with Christmas, so she always puts up three trees. Always fake, because she doesn't want the mess and hassle of a real one. And she's convinced the lights will start a house fire. So, I've never experienced a real Christmas tree. Kinda sad.


  2. Haha that is hilarious that you forgot to water it. Sounds like something I would do (but haven't yet). We always do a real tree but I'm wanting to get a fake one for upstairs so I can have two. Haha. One just isn't enough. One year our tree was super huge and crooked and so we called it the grinch tree.

    If Work Permits

  3. That tree is gorgeous. Too bad it died, but at least you will never make that same mistake again. Enjoy your Sunday of decorating. Love it!

  4. Such cute pictures! We're getting a fake tree this year. Our little dog likes to drink the water from the real Christmas trees and that's not healthy for him so we are forced to buy a fake one :(

  5. Haha! That is something I would SO do!! But at least the tree is beautifully decorated. We always do real trees. Lots of memories. Have fun decorating!! :)

    xo. chelsea

  6. I have a fake tree right now but I so miss having a real one! Yours looks BEAUTIFUL.

    P.S. I'm hosting an awesome Chickey Designs giveaway! Please feel free to stop by and enter!

  7. Awww, very pretty!

    xoxo, Nali

  8. Love your blog! I have been keeping up with it for a few weeks but never "formally" followed it until today! Just want you to know that I enjoy reading!

  9. Girrrrl, your tree is hugeeee, and not to mention, beautiful!! :) This is me and the boyfriends first year living together, which means our first Christmas tree..and we had talked about going with a fake tree since we have a cat...but then bought a real tree from Relay for Life. I lovesss it! xoxo


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