Monday, November 28, 2011

Motivate Me Monday #6

Let's Link Up for Motivate Me Monday!
I am co-hosting with Ashley and Whitney! Even if you didn't participate in this weeks can still link up and tell us about anything in your life that is fitness related!

Thanks to everyone who joined last week!
For Love of a Cupcake
Today's Challenge/Topic is : 
(as stated in last weeks post HERE)
Try to be good on Thanksgiving! Don't stuff yourself til you're about to pop.  And make sure you get to the gym to burn those EXTRA calories off!

Ok ladies! I only tried a little of each thing but somehow still felt overly stuffed. AND I did not do the extra cardio. (super sad face)
OK...I have to admit...I am seriously bummed...for the past few weeks I have really been slacking, being super duper lazy and now I just feel like BLAH.  And I am a co-host of MMM. How can I sit here and give tips when I am barely doing the minimum to participate in something I am co-hosting.

From now more complaining and no more being lazy.
I am holding myself accountable for my actions.
So today...I took a photo of myself (front and back).
Tangible evidence of HOW I REALLY LOOK.
I will take a photo on the same day once a week to keep track of my progress.  Surely this will help me see my progress.
AND keep me accountable!

So here is to a better ME!

Some of my inspiration I found on Pinterest...

First...I would like to say...
my BUTT better start looking like the first photo on the left!!!!

And these are some great motivational quotes I found...
Read the top right quote...
4 weeks for yourself to notice any change in your body...

There is no real challenger per say...
We just want YOU to share anything health or fitness related! ANYTHING you want to share...whether it be fun facts or about yourself!If you are not sure how to work out a particular muscle group...please email me and I would be happy to help you! Then you can tell me next week how it worked for you!

Now let's link up...
Did you keep from stuffing yourself on Thanksgiving?
And did you do extra cardio?
Now grab the button and visit my co-hosts Ashley and Whitney!

If you have any ideas for challenges...or something you would like to bring us and let us know! Tell us your weaknesses and strengths for the week in each MMM post.

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Sweat is your body crying. <3 hollaaa

  2. I have been a super slacker too. I have a really hard time this time of year but I know that is no excuse. Here is to doing better! You do motivate me thought BTW just for the record I think you are a great co-host better than me

  3. hey girl!! you rock, i slacked SOOO BAD this week...we are human!! i think you are awesome:) thanks for this post...helped me get more motivation again!!!


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