Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random Tuesdays! Do you participate in Black Friday?

Oh Happy Tuesday!
I have to work thru Wednesday this week...But E is off the whole week lol! what a lucky butt!

So as you know...I ran the Warrior Dash on Saturday! And I am seriously STILL sore...mostly my calves! So maybe I was just a little outta shape haha! Click HERE to view the photos from it.

Well...they always give you a warrior hat to take home.
Here is a stock photo from their website.

Well it fell on the floor I plopped it on the floor when we got home that day...and I guess Chloe thinks that anything with a little fur is hers. She stole it from me! It's now one of her toys that she loves!!
The pic on the right is before she got her hair cut!

So thanksgiving at our house this year! I said in a previous post...both moms are gonna come help! Staying the night so we can make a girls night of it lol!

I found a Pecan Pie recipe I am trying out. I've never made pecan pie so hopefully it turns out ok!

Moving on to Black Friday!
Source: via Natty on Pinterest

Do y'all partcipate in the Black Friday and get up at midnight or so?
I have only done this once a few years ago with my sister Jess. It was actually really really fun...but I came home and crashed! It was tiring! I am thinking of doing it again this year but I need to look up all of the deals going on. Thinking of hitting up Bed Bath & Beyond (seriously need the whole store!), Khols and Toys R Us (maybe Target).

If you do partcicpate...where do you like to shop?
Have you had any crazy experiences?!

Also my good bloggie buddy over at Only a Flight Away is hosting a Secret ladies should join!

It's almost Thanksgiving!!
Have a lovely day!


  1. I've never gone out before on Black Friday. I don't like crowds. but my husband started a new company in August and hasn't had a paycheck since then, so we are living on our savings. hence, I have a budget this year (which I've never had before). so I will be hitting Black Friday for a couple of specific things. I'm thinking JCPenney's and maybe a couple others. we'll see. :)

  2. I'm excited about the Secret Santa too!! It should be a lot of fun. I usually participate in Black Friday mostly j/b we get to all hang out together and then go out to eat afterwards ;) Have fun with Thanksgiving at your house and good luck with the pecan pie!

  3. I've been out on Black Friday a few times but I only go if there's something on my list that I can get a deal on. It's too crazy to just go to check it out ya know? If I had someone to go with, it'd be a little more fun I think. And I'm doing the secret santa too! Whoo Whooo!

    If Work Permits

  4. I love it! I am excited to go to Walmart and then to H&M

  5. AHHH I LOVE black friday!!! I went last year when i was 9months pregnant. I was due on the 24th so i was basically ready to POP! -although little did I know i would be prego for two more weeks- anyway... I LOVE it!! Its the only way we can afford christmas on our collage budget! hehe and its a great high seeing all the money you save!!

  6. I think this year I just might participate in Black Friday! Everyone has been advertising like crazy and I swear this years it's reeled me in

  7. We do NOT go out on Black Friday, haha. Actually, last year, my sister came into town for Thanksgiving and needed to get a pair of shoes for my nephews girlfriend which happened to be on mega sale at Belk whey they opened at like 4AM or whatever. It was so nuts inside that store. People were just grabbing boxes of shoes without even checking style, color, size, etc. Seriously, they were mad. Needless to say we paid for the shoes and got out of there! I would never do it again. I'd rather pay full price for something or not get it at all than having to go out in those crowds. Ughhh.


  8. Just found your blog, and I adore it! So fun!

    And holy moly. Black Friday is freakin' crazy. I went once, and made the mistake of going to Wal-mart. Insane old lady ninjas snatching things out of your cart, rednecks trampling you to get to the shelves first, and lines a mile long... worst mistake of my life. I went to Kohls, too, though, and it was nowhere near as bad. Keep it "classy" and you'll be fine, lol

  9. thank you so much for
    posting about the secret santa love!

    :) you were featured in my bloggy
    today =D followers really like
    your recipe!

    i am so exited for BLACK FRIDAY!
    i go every year =D


  10. Eeek! No Black Friday for me. I always get hot and flustered and trampled by the crazy ladies loading up on socks:-) xoxo

  11. Thanks for following my Running blog! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I have only been out once as well on Black Friday. It is fun! I was so tired after as well. It's hard work to be up that early and run around like a crazy person. Ha ha. Anyway...thanks again! Have a great day!


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