Monday, November 21, 2011

Sponsors/Button Swap - Meet My Lovely Ladies! Part 1 (more tomorrow!)

Hi everyone!

I absolutely love swapping buttons! It gives me a chance to meet new lovely ladies!

If you would like to swap buttons for December please let me know!
This is Part 1...
I will introduce more tomorrow!
Please visit them won't regret it!

Now I would like to introduce...

 Eight Six Eleven is my outlet for the many adventures I'm sure to face living life with a husband, a house and dogs! It is a life-style blog that features newlywedness, home/decor, our dogs, photography, diy and more.  It's a scrapbook of my life, online.

Hi For Love Of A Cupcake readers!
I'm also Amanda and write over at Simple Girl, Simple Pleasures! You can learn all about me and my adventures as I write and run my way through life, love, and happiness! When I'm not in blog land, I work full-time in the financial industry, travel to Boston often, and train for running races. Thanks for having me, Amanda!


I blog to document my journey.  I have been blessed with a beautiful life that includes 2 beautiful children and a wonderful husband.  I find joy in every part of life.  I was diagnosed with mitochondrial myopathy about a year ago and have spent the year with many different doctors and am still in the "figuring it all out" stage.  My disease is progressing quickly but that won't stop me from living.  I have a positive attitude with an optimistic outlook and think that laughter is the best medicine.


I graduated from the University of Utah in communications.  I also attended beauty school right out of high school although I don't do hair either.  I love to hang out with my husband, watch movies, go out to eat.  I'm easy to please.  Oh and sleep.  I LOVE to sleep.


This year will be one of the biggest years of my life, so I started my little ol' blog to document my "sweet life" during such an exciting time. I am currently planning my wedding to my high school sweet heart, so I blog a lot about our adventures and our big day progress. I'm also a big family person, #2 of four girls, so I blog a lot about my amazing family including my dog Colt. I have a horrible sweet tooth, love sports, and enjoy making new blog friends. Come follow me and my sweet life!

I'm a twenty-something year old who is just beginning to find out the benefits of being a stay-at-home mommy. I talk about life, crafting, fashion, and lots about my little love bug, Mr. Harrison. Our adventures as mommy and son BFFs take us through crying, laughing, dancing, swinging, and sleeping {for my sanity}. My newest passion is Nail Design that I feature weekly with my Wet Polish and Wardrobe Wednesdays. Some day soon, I hope to become a nail technician and work from home making peoples nails into crazy designs.



  1. Loved being featured with all these other bloggers! Can't wait to check out their blogs!

  2. yay! i love all of your sponsors especially amanda and karen, they are so awesome

  3. Thanks for the feature! You're awesome! :)

    If Work Permits

  4. thanks for sharing all of these lovely ladies! :) can't wait to go check em all out.

    sharde @ the style projects

  5. This turned out so great!! Love it!!!!

  6. Thanks for featuring my blog! :)

  7. Thanks so much for featuring my blog! You're the best :)

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