Thursday, December 15, 2011

Group Sponsor Feature 2 of 3!

OK! So we are at sponsor feature #2 of 3!
Let's find out what their top five fav things about the holidays are!
Make sure to check out their lovely blogs!

Meg @ henning love

1. My family's Christmas eve tradition of frosting and decorating cut-out cookies while listening to Christmas music and then watching White Christmas before we go to bed. It is just nice to sit with each other and work on decorating cookies together.

2. Another favorite thing is making Christmas cookies, there are certain cookies that must be made each year and I am so glad my mother passed on her baking abilities to me so I can continue this trend in my household.
3. Another Christmas tradition I am growing to love is how my husband's family celebrates Christmas, I love learning about other traditions.

4. The fun Christmas movies that must be watched...White Christmas, Elf, and Christmas Vacation.

5. Lastly, it is eating our roast or ham for our Christmas meal followed by a birthday cake for Jesus (and yes we do sing).

Hi I'm Jahnavi from A Beautiful Feather

 1. i would love to go for long drives.

    2. to go for some holiday shopping.

    3. partying with family and friends all night.

    4. baking some lovely cakes.

    5. the thing i love most about holidays is i get to spend some fabulous time with my husband :)

 1. I love the smell of our house - candles, cookies, cakes, Christmas tree... it's all wonderful!

2. I love giving presents...

3. and getting them, of course.

4. I love having time off of work to spend with family and friends

5. I love what the season is all about - loving one another and celebrating Christ. After all, you can't have Christmas without Christ in it!

 I'm so excited to share my 5 things I love about the holiday season, ready?

1. Christmas Eve Dinner spent with family and eating lots of good Italian food

2. Baking M's favorite cookies

3. Giving gifts

4. Spending time with loved ones

5. Feeling overwhelmingly loved and grateful

1. All of the family gets together to pig out. 

    2. I get to use my gorgeous fireplace.

   3. Fur Boots :-)

   4. My Mom's FAMOUS Lemon Logs

    5. We exchange family gifts on Christmas Eve and wake up to Santa on Christmas. (Yes, I still get Santa gifts, as long as you believe- you'll receive!)

1. Seeing all of my family

2. Giving gifts

3. Baking

4. Warm cozy days inside with the snow falling outside

5. Traditions. One being writing down our new year resolutions and
putting them all in an envelope then reading the ones we made last year

1. Cutting down our very own Christmas tree the day after thanksgiving and then decorating it!

2. I LOVE having a baby to do all the fun "kid"things again.

3. The smell of Christmas {mmmm} I love lighting yummy candles, boiling popery, and the smell of a real tree.

4. CHRISTMAS MUSIC!! Who doesn't LOVE Christmas music?

5. Starting our own new traditions as a family of 3, we are going to bake a Birthday cake for Jesus!

Amanda @ Scentsy

1. Celebrating the birth of Jesus


Hope your Thursday is going great!

2. Picking out gifts for my kids

3. Pumpkin pie

4. Making ornaments with my girls

5. Christmas music and movies !!

Ashley @ Me and My Boys

1. The glow of the Christmas tree

2. Reading the Christmas story

3. The Hardy Christmas Party

4. Christmas Eve Pajamas

5. Playing Santa for Ty

6. Driving around and looking at Christmas lights
and most important my family being together

1.  The excitement in the air is electrifying.  Everyone seems so much happier and joyful.

2.  My kids are both born in December so celebrating their birthdays is something else I enjoy.

3.  The smell of cinnamon

4.  Christmas trees, decorating them and smelling them

5.  The spirit of giving.  Giving gifts, giving our time and giving love.


  1. What a great way to get to know some fellow bloggers!

  2. Great blog!! Can't wait to go and check out the ones I don't know!

  3. soooo I just randomly found your blog over at Living in Yellow and I am from Katy too!!! Did you go to Katy High School?

  4. LOVE Meg's blog. She's such a sweetheart.

    Thanks for sharing!!


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