Friday, December 16, 2011

Group Sponsor Feature 3 of 3!

Last but not least...I have my final sponsor ladies!
And again...I asked these ladies to tell me their five fav things about the holidays!

1.Family get togethers/traditions

2. Cuddling inside on cold days with my hubbie

3. Scarfs!

4. Hearing secret santa stories on the radio

5. Seeing my breath when I walk outside.

1. Every Christmas Eve my family has a appetizer / desert cooking contest.  We eat all night and vote on who's food was the best.  There's prizes and a trophy you get to keep for the year. (Bragging rights!)  It's so much fun!

2. I love Christmas music!  Hearing it just puts me in a great mood.

3. Fudge!  Christmas is the only time of year people are always giving out fudge.  It's so yummy!

4. Cold weather!  Bundling up by the fire with a delicious white chocolate mocha, listening to the rain, that's my kinda day!

5. Last but not least.  Watching my daughter's face light up every time she talks about Santa.  She's so cute!

1. I love the  joy of giving presents and seeing peoples faces when they open them

2. I love the family time

3. I love Christmas lights...driving around and seeing them at night is magical

4. Time with my family...we opening stockings, then presents, then we play board games the whole night

5. When my nieces and nephews come...they are always dressed up

Brittany @ Daily Bruski

1. Having a Christmas tree in the house. It simply makes everything more cheery & cozy

 2. Going home to Chicago to spend time with my family & then headed to the beach with my  husband's family. It is an awesome whirlwind of two weeks!

 3. Making peppermint bark

 4. Enjoying a white Christmas every year

 5. Bundling up and braving the negative degree weather in downtown Chicago on Christmas Eve

Camylla @ "Simply Me"

1. I love the feeling of giving, and how kind everyone gets during this season.

2. I love the smell of the Christmas tree in my home

3. I love giving my loved ones presents and seeying their face light up.

4. I love baking cookies and cakes.

5. I love going to my grandmas house christmas eve and staying up all night just having fun with the family!

Savannah @ Rolled Up Pretty

1. I love sledding with my family up at Soldier Hollow Christmas Eve Day

2. Christmas Eve night I love going to my husband's family's house and opening pajamas

3. I love not having to work (that's my favorite) :)

4. I love being able to give meaningful presents to the people I love most

5. Seeing family that I don't get to see that often!

Melissa @ House Sweet It Is

1. SNOW!

    2. The smell of Christmas trees and the glow of the lights.

    3. Baking all kinds of cookies and sweet treats for friends and family.

    4. Giving presents, especially when I know it's something they've been wanting.

    5. All of the extra time spend with family and loved ones.

1. Gift Giving

2. Christmas cookies

3. Christmas music

4. Family Traditions

5. Decorating

Melissa @ Pineapple Lily

1. stuffing!

2. wrapping gifts

3. egg nog, yummmm

4. santa!

5. just being with family.

My name is Tammy, and ze blog name is Lemons, Avocados, and the Bay

1. The glow of a menorah and how it can beautifully light up a room

2. Stumbling upon beautiful Christmas light displays

3. The smell of a Christmas tree
4. Two weeks off of work!

5. Making jelly donuts with my mom

Chelsea @ happy bow lucky

1. getting together with family.

2. sleeping in & staying up late.

3. all the yummy food!!

4. giving, giving, & giving

5. celebrating the real reason for the season - Jesus' birthday!! :)


Thanks everyone for taking the time to read about all of these lovey ladies!!



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