Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why is everyone Flashing us?! plus...Pinteresting!

So as you know it was a 20 hour drive just to get Tank. (I nicknamed him...Tankers)

We rented a Ford Edge because my car is too small to hold a cage and Eric's truck is too jacked up and bumpy!

Oh boy...I fell in love with the heated seats! I had it on the whole way haha!!

Well we leave Houston, TX and get on the freeway...within 5 minutes a BMW gets behind us and flashes their lights. We were figured they were flashing us to get out of their way.

Halfway to Dallas...we pass a cop that has pulled someone over and he gives us the craziest look.

And one other time...someone gets behind us and flashes us again. Why are people being so rude??!

I think it was in between Dallas and Sherman TX (near Oklahoma) that we got pulled over by a cop.

We didn't have our headlights on the whole way! Which was about 5 hours driving in the dark with just our day lights running. I guess the raods were well lit lol!

The cop was cool and just gave us a warning.
Have you ever done anything crazy like that?!?!

Oh..and an update on Clo Clo and Tankers.
They actually ran around outside last night and played together!!


Now I want to link up with Michelle over at the Vintage Apple.

 maybe clo and tankers will be like this when they get older haha!

I wish my hair would grow faster so Icould braid it like this!!

I am really liking the chambray shirts I've been seeing!

Source: via Devon on Pinterest

I really want to get a maxi dress..I've never had one!

Source: via Taylor on Pinterest

Can you tell I am ready for spring and summer lol??!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!!
Halfway thru the week!



  1. i love that maxi dress! and the white short combo! so cute.

    happy to hear that Clo and Tank played together, they are going to be bestfriends :)

  2. I've never worn a maxi dress either, and I'm definitely wearing my hair like that when it grows out!!

  3. I did the same thing when I bought my new car! I'm sure the sales guy told me how to turn on the lights but I was taking in so much information that I totally forgot. I was driving the 4 hours home and as it started to get dark I began to wonder if I needed to turn on my lights. I was on a highway so no one flashed me (as far as I knew). After about 30-45 minutes I pulled off at a gas station to check and sure enough, I had been driving with no lights on. Oops!

  4. Oh my baby Jesus. YOUVE NEVER HAD A MAXI!?!?! How do you make it through the summer. haha

  5. So glad you got Tank home! Can't wait to read more about the little guy. And that maxi dress, the entire outfit, gorgeous! Love love love!

  6. whoops on the lights! I have done that too at night until I couldn't see and realized they were off!

  7. HAHA! That is so funny! It's a good thing you got off with a warning tho! And your puppies are SO ADORABLE!

  8. Love the pictures of your cute little pups!

  9. Funny story. These new cars have so many bells and whistle I can see how you would only have the day lights on. That pictures is funny too, they aren't getting to close yet huh. Before long they will probably be snuggling.

    Happy Wednesday!

  10. Tank is so cute! If you want your hair to grow, take Biotin. It's just a vitiman B that is great for your hair and nails. It works great for me.

  11. I saw an outfit recently that was a maxi dress with a chambray shirt and now I'm about to die to buy both! So glad your sweet babies played together! :)

  12. Hahah such a great story!

    I am loving the chambray shirt look!

  13. aww babe :)
    i want to see a video of them
    playing :) i bet they are adorable!

    i am glad she is taking it easy
    and getting used to Tank ...

    and i am loving these outfits!
    i am avoiding shopping or else
    ill go crazy with the credit card
    again!! :O

    love ya!

    MELINA ♥

  14. what? why wouldn't the cop pull you over to let you know to put your lights on? that is something i had done too in a rental car, i have no idea if the car's lights come on automatically or not, fortunately there was no accident!!


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