Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Ok Thursday! Plus a Giveaway Winner!

Lets Link up today with It's OK Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

That I love blogging and love all of you ladies! Yalls comments make my day! Even though some days are busy and I may not get to respond...I read every one!

That I thought there was a dead bird in my office. It seriously almost gave me a heart attack. It was on my window sill at work and actually came from birthday flowers (but I never saw that bird and the flowers had been out of my office for a couple days already lol!

That my window sill in my office seriously needs to be dusted (referring to above photo)...Oopsie!!

That I wish I had a cornerless house. (poor Eric thought I was a crazy woman the other night...I said "I wish I had a cornerless house (of course right after I stubbed my toe) and he thought I said "I wish I had a corner of this house"...meaning time by myself lol.) If it has a corner I will hit it...I've even hit my head on a corner once while bending over.

That I actually googled cornerless furniture!

and last but not least...

That E was updating and backing up my Iphone and not sure what happened...but I lost all my contacts and photos!! Its ok babe I still love you! lol

It's NOT Ok...

That I had the worst sore throat ever yesterday (seriously swollen to the limit)'s a little better today..I can actually swallow now! (which is why I didnt get to respond to all your wonderful comments from yesterday...but will today!

Moving On!!!

I want yall to meet two awesome ladies!!! They are sponsoring me this month! You should check them out! (click on the photo to visit them!)

Megan @ Gretting from Texas!

Amanda @ Sweet & Sour Lou Lou

And now to the giveaway winner of the Simply Posh by Mel Giveaway!
J and A said...
I love the penguins! :) And the snowmen mentioned above. Amazing!



  1. Birds are scary I tell you! I had one get into the attic of my apartment a few years ago. Well the attic door would always open on it's own from the draft and the bird got down into the apartment. Luckily me and my doggie were not home because it flew all around, knocked all kinds of things over and pooped everywhere. It was lying dead on the floor. I screamed bloody murder when I saw it haha and now I avoid birds!

  2. Following you! Love your header, it's so cute!

  3. Haha, the bird story made me laugh! Too funny!

  4. I am ok with knowing
    its Thursday and that we
    have more day to go for the

    the bird story cracked me up
    hahaha i would of died if i found
    that thing dead in my office ..


  5. You have me cracking up over here!!!
    The bird.
    Then Eric thinking you wanted more time alone! Ha!
    So funny.

    Sorry about your sore throat!
    Hope you are feeling better.

    I am OK with the fact that today it is SNOWING in IOWA.
    And I am so, so happy about it. :)

    xo. chelsea

  6. Haha. That is hilare. I hope your sore throat goes away quickly. Warm broths, honey-lemon water or tea and cough drops are my go-to for that kind of thing.

    If Work Permits


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