Thursday, April 11, 2013

- 'Maxed' Out -

If you follow me on probably have realized that I LOVE Maxis! Skirts or Dresses!

Did you know that the first maxi dress I ever bought or owned was last year around this time?!

Crazy...I know. Now I am obsessed.

Some of my fav places to buy maxis are Modern Vintage Boutique (they sell out of everyhting so quickly though), Uoi, La Posh, and Asos.

Here are a few Maxis I've pinned from Pinterest.

What are your favorite stores to
buy maxi dresses or skirts from?
I'm dying for more places to shop haha!



  1. sooo cute! I only have one maxi skirt...shame I know...but I'm so short that they are hard to find in the right length. They look great on you though!

  2. I love maxis but I'm short, so most are way too big on me!

  3. Alloy and have some really cute ones right now that i just ordered from! Alloy espec. is nice b'cuz they offer in extended lengths for us tall girls!

  4. ugh, can we be neighbors and besties so we can share clothes!!! i love your dresses!

  5. I love them too! All of yours are so cute :) I just bought a maxi dress at Target over the weekend and I love it! It's so bright and springy!

  6. Ok, they look great on you! Are you really tall? I am 5'2" and feel ridic when I wear a maxi dress. :(

  7. I can never find maxis long enough because I'm almost 6' tall. *sigh*
    When you use a maxi dress as a skirt, do you put something under the shirt you wear so you can't see the dress through the shirt?

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  9. Alas.. if only maxi skirts were partial to short people :(

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