Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weekend Recap!

Happy Tuesday!

We had an Ok weekend. E was sick midweek and I had a sore throat all week! I'm still just getting over it (stayed home from work yesterday).

So...just to let everyone know! I have the following accounts!

Twitter: @cupcakestyle101
Instagram: forloveofacupcake
FourSquare: Amanda Cathey (

I was runnging a lot of errands this weekend :-) with foursquare you can check in everywhere and gain points! Maybe I'm going a little app crazy haha!
This was what My Saturday looked like BUT left my phone at home when we ate lunch at Genghis Grill! We actually went INSIDE to eat. We have never done this...only gotten take out!

As you can see...I was all over the place!

So...without further is our weekend in photos! (and sorry to all my Instagram've already seen these!)

I found E trying on his new hunting gear lol!
He goes duck hunting this coming weekend!

Here is our yummy carrot cake I picked up Saturday.
Of course...after our steak and wine. :-)

And photos of Chloe!

We took a photo with our crappy hopefully use for a Christmas card this year! Click HERE to view our family photo last year!

We had the hardest time trying to get chloe to look at the camera! We would throw her toy at the last second towards the camera but she wasn't having it! This was the last photo we took (we had enough!) and luckily she glanced at the camera just in time!

I have a crazy question! This photo was taken of me on my "bad side". I prefer taking photos on the other side (when the right side of my face is facing the camera)...I just think they turn out better. (luckily this one turned out good!) The good that E's good side and my good side are opposite sides!

Do you have a particular side you like to face the camera?! can just tell me how crazy I am haha!



  1. If you have a mac, you can always flip the image in I photo! :)

    I would have never known that was your 'bad' side!

  2. Hey there! I just came across to your blog and I love the name of it! Love the Christmas photo. We tried one with our dog last year and he wouldn't really look either! I'm having a Christmas give away if you're interested :) Have a great day!

  3. I don't think there is a girl out there that doesn't feel the same way. Even if it isn't a bad side and good side, we all have a "better" side. It looks great though. Perfect Christmas card picture!

  4. Just found your blog - what a cute family photo!!

  5. Oh yay I have someone else to follow on twitter and instagram! My account for both is elleelizabethh... easy enough! As for the picture looks good! If you wanted to email it to me I could always touch it up on my computer at home! I have some editing programs on it :) my email is elle.elizabethblog@gmail if you feel like sending it :)

  6. I started using Foursquare a couple of weeks ago, but I ALWAYS forget to check in.

    Hope your day is amazing!

    XO Lourdes

  7. What a cute Christmas card photo. You look gorgeous. It doesn't look like your bad side to me. Although, I can totally relate and feel like my left side photographs better.

  8. CUTE photo!! And the puppers looks great as well :-) Love your Christmas decorations!

  9. LOVE the picture of your hubby-to-be trying on his duck camo! Haha My boyfriend duck hunts, too! I went with him a couple of times last last year for Christmas be bought me my very own duck hunting about a hot mess! haha Anywho, hope you're feeling better, sugar! Muahhhh <3

  10. girl, i love 4square. i always said i'd never be a fan, but i check in everywhere!

    megs [at] Shine On

  11. That carrot cake looks yum!

    and yes, I do have a good side! In fact, I almost REFUSE to take pictures on the other side. Too funny! All my friends laugh at me when I run to the other side of the photo. hahaha

  12. Ha Ha Ha I'm totally the same way with taking pictures!! I have a side I prefer as well, glad I'm not the only crazy one :)

  13. you are beautiful! 'nough said.

    annnnddd... my right side is way better.

    but i love your christmas card!
    way too cute!!!

    xo. chelsea

  14. Great picture- you guys are a darling couple!!

  15. You know I'm following you on twitter!! Hopefully you feel better soon! I love the last picture, super cute!

  16. Mmmm carrot cake.

    New follower via The Sasse Life(Sunday Social)

  17. Those Christmas cards are too cute! We've tried to do ones with our animals in the past and it hasn't worked out at all. They just do NOT cooperate!

    I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. I was off yesterday, and I spent the whole day running around, so I've been checking into places like crazy too!


  18. i love following you on instagram
    =D so exciting i get to see a
    preview of what you are going to
    post hahaha =D

    your doggy is adorable i always
    show my sister her pictures because
    she is way too cute =D

    i really like your xmas picture
    i think that you shouldn't pick
    sides .. because you look amazing here!

    love you friend!


  19. AW! What an amazing post and an amazing blog!!!

    I'm just getting a sore throat and I'm so pissed about it!

    You and your man and such a good looking couple!

    I am not gunna stop following!!!!

    Check us out at



  20. What fun photos. I do not really have a side, BUT I do have a tilt of the head that I like better - ha!

  21. you two are darling! where is your sweater in the last photo from? i love that outfit girl

  22. Your picture turned out great! And I only have a good side! Luckily M doesn't have a good versus bad side, so I can always be on his left :)

  23. Looks like you had a fun weekend!! That carrot cake looks amazing!! I think your picture turned out great, I'm not sure about my good side, but if I had to choose it would probably be my left side.

    I'm doing a giveaway on my blog, you should come check it out.

  24. See guys make fun of us girls for getting all excited about clothes and such... but guys are the same with their hunting gear! haha :)

  25. Wow, you did a lot this weekend! Way to go since you weren't feeling that well!

  26. Weekends are always more fun with instagram - I loving it lately! Looks like you had an amazing weekend!!

    Follow me on instagram: kareneggerman


  27. I'm from Katy as well! :) I'm living in corpus right now for school but grew up in Katy! Seeing all your check ins made me miss home! Seriously looks like my typical Saturday afternoon lol!


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