Monday, February 27, 2012

MMM - It's ok to slack sometimes...

Happy Monday!

We all need a little motivation right?!

I know I do!

I didn't do too hot last week with working out...I think I went to the gym twice...I blame Tank haha...but that's no excuse.

And I ate so much this past weekend!

But it's ok...we all have these moments or a week here and there that are harder than others.

As long as we stick with it in the long run and don't slack off for weeks in a row.

i know during the fall and early winter...I was really slacking off but I always feel so much better when I make it a routine.

I'm getting back to it this week tho!
And you should too!!

Just in case you missed it before...I've given y'all my workout routine....go {HERE} to try it out! start now so you can be feeling good for summer!!

Swee Melina over at Only a Flight Away asked for it last week. She has been doing a such a great job with working out and eating right lately...keep up the good work girlie!!

this butt will make me think twice before i eat thosse sweets this week!

Source: via Abbey on Pinterest

Now link up ladies and tell us how your fitness journey is going!!

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  1. I have been doing a lot of yoga, tai chi, pilates, and spin lately! Love how much more flexible I have been getting, and less sore now that I am always stretched out! I actually thought I would hate spin class, but really am loving it now! Such a mental challenge workout!

  2. i do well with the working out part every day - it's the not eating sweets part I'm terrible at. which I know the nutrition is more important than the exercise! I am addicted to sugar and need to try to eat less of it!

  3. totally needed to read this today.
    this weekend was a total mess and I ate sooo much! hawaii is just 10 weeks away & I can't wait.
    That butt photo definitely motivated me :)

  4. Haha. I love the butt photo. If my butt ever looks like that It'll be amazing :)


  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !
    you been such a great help !
    i am using the workout today
    and tomorrow i start with my
    trainer wohooooooooooooooooo!!

    thank you for your support and
    for always being there for me

    love ya ♥

    MELINA ♥

  6. I am getting in a bit of a workout rut, the elliptical and bike are just getting boring! I am hoping my ankle will let me get back to running soon... guess I have to wait and see what the doctor says!

  7. When you're struggling go exercise. so true. i do it all the time

  8. it is ok to struggles at times just don't let those struggling times last too long. gotta get right back on the wagon

  9. I have been doing some running lately mainly to build my endurance but I love working out. It makes me feel so good. I should really do it more because it does take care of the stress! and yes I would give up all of the sweets in the world to have a butt like awesome! :)

  10. Super cute blog! This last post is super motivational! Love it. I am your newest follower! :-)

  11. definitely makes a difference to do something active when you are done...great message!


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