Tuesday, February 28, 2012

sleepy head... come too early.

Oh hi there!

First... you must see what Tank's weekend was like...

That little guy can sleep in any position!

and of course i must have a photo of clo clo...even tho its kinda blurry.

playing tug o war! I think there will be a new house rule oing into effect horseplay on the couch! OMG...they are crazy!


We had a busy weekend. And y'all.....I am horrible at capturing those moments. When I'm out and about...and having a great time...I forget! I should change that so y'all have more to look you don't have to read a novel.

saturday...i had lunch and went shopping with my sisters! was much needed and we had such a blast!

And saturday night we were suppose to go to the houston cook-off. We had tickets...we had a good parking pass.

Well...we pull up to the parking lot we had a pass was full so they turned us away. we decided to park across the street. BIG NO NO! we moved maybe 200 yards in one hour. we gave up. There was no way we were going to get a parking spot. Oh Houston i dislike you! And the sad was only 6pm!!!!

Later this week i cant wait to tell you where my sisters booked my bachelorette party! yippee!!! They are the best!!

have a great day everyone!!
(i'll make sure to start taking more photos!!)


  1. your dogs are too cute! Is Clo Clo a cocker spaniel?! I use to have a cocker spaniel many years ago.

  2. You may have the two cutest dogs in the whole entire world!! You'll have to get a video of them playing sometime...

  3. oh my!
    how fun bachelorette party ♥
    i hope you have the time of your
    life ...

    Tank is too cute
    his sleeping positions look like
    mine when i am dead tired hahaha

    love yaaaaaaaaaaaa

    MELINA ♥

  4. Your dogs are the cutest! cannot wait to hear where your bachelorette party is going to be!!

  5. Tank is so adorable in those pics!

  6. Tank is the cutest thing ever!!

  7. Your dogs is adorable!

    Cant wait to hear about your bachlorette party plans!!!

  8. That pup. Get outta town with that cuteness!

  9. Your dogs are THE cutest.

  10. This is the cutest! I want a puppy soooo bad.

  11. That first picture is amazing. So freaking cute.



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