Friday, March 30, 2012

Biggest hand EVER?! plus a giveaway winner!!!

It is FRIDAY and I'm loving it!!!

Let's jump right in to the giveaway winner for the PoochTags giveaway!

It's Elisabeth from La Vita e Bella!
Congrats...I will email you later today!!


So remember when I posted this photo on Wednesday?

See my nail polish? It is soooo bright but I love it! It came in my Birchbox for March. Sign up {HERE}

When I first saw this photo...I immediately saw how huge my hand looked (or maybe the weird angle). I do actually have big hands anyway but this made it look even worse!!!

I cannot wear bangles because they won't slip over my hand haha (thanks mom!)!

And then it reminded me of the sitcom...King of Queens.

Do any of you watch that television show?
We are always watching the re-runs!

Do you remember the episode where Kelly and Decon give them a painting but Carrie's hand and arm are humongous?

This is the only photo I could find but it's blurry.

I feel like that painting right now!!
oh well! I'll just have another glass of wine!

Are y'all as weird as I am?!

happy friday ladies!!


  1. I love that photo of you!

    Have a great weekend girl! :)

    Ps. I think your hand looks fine!

  2. it's funny what we don't like about ourselves - and that no one else would even notice! : ) happy friday!!

  3. haha i just happen to be wearing that nail polish right now! you are gorgeous

  4. I always look at the size of my hands in photos, and I most definitely have man-hands! Ha!

  5. hahahaha i get weird with certain stuff too but your hand does not look big in that picture! happy friday!

    xx Kelly

  6. Love that photo :) You are gorgeous!

  7. Ha! That's funny! I feel like that sometimes, I have big ol' feet. Your hand really doesn't look big though.

  8. Hahahah! I know exactly what episode you're talking about, I love that show :) And whatever girl, your hand doesn't look big at all!


    Girl. Your hand is not big.

    And I do watch King of Queens, and I totally remember that episode.


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