Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mr. Shuffles

It was another pretty weekend!
Meant to be enjoyed outside!
By the way...Tank gained 4 pounds in one week. He's growing so fast I won't be able to pick him up much longer!

Want to see the next two photos that were taken?!

I was trying to get these two to sit by each other so you can see how big Tank has gotten compared to Chloe but it wasn't happening and Chloe ran off!

It was really sunny and I could barely see!!

So why is my title called Mr. Shuffles?

That is Tank's new nickname.

He shuffles his feet everywhere he goes.

When he's tired or just woke's even worse! He just barely picks up those huge paws....and it makes a shuffling sound on our hardwood floor. It's funny because Chloe is as quiet as a mouse but you can hear Tank coming a mile away!

(Eric says he gets it from me but I beg to differ haha!)

Hope everyone's week has started off great!


  1. they are so cute! and thanks for adding the last two pictures. : ) you're cute too.

  2. You can always here Claymore walking around our house with the hardwood floors! I love how Tank is smiling in the one picture! Claymore does the same thing all the time :) Have a lovely Tuesday!

  3. You have such adorable puppies. They are so lovely especially Mr.Shuffles :)

    Great bonding.

  4. So cute! What breed of dog is Tank? Our dogs could be called Shufflers too! They're both basset mixes, and drag their lazy bones all the time!

  5. ahhhh so cute! and what an adorable name. mr shuffles. video?
    xx jes

  6. wow 4 lbs a week, that is a lot of growing. what will he ultimately weigh? when we got our second dog, there was no chance at all to ever get the two of them to take a photo together. it is only on 9 months later are they totally warming up to each other. haha i like his nickname too mr shuffles

  7. LOVE that first photo of you and your babies- they needs to be framed!

  8. please stop it.

    your too cute. :P


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