Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just Plain Rotten

I have one big...It's not ok!

(I don't think Amber and Neely will mind!)
Its Ok Thursdays

It's not ok story...

I thought this photo was appropriate for this story.
haha. way back from {THIS} post

Saturday I went grocery shopping around noon and we unloaded all the groceries out of my trunk.

5am on Monday rolls around...I hop in my car to go to the gym.
My car reaks!!!!
I have no clue why...maybe it was my lunch containers i forgot to bring in on Friday? I roll down the windows to let it air out while I drive to the gym. (hey I'm not missing the gym if I'm getting up at 4:30am!)
Call me crazy...I dare you!

So I have a good home (car still stinks!!).

I get ready for the day and go to the freezer to pull out the chicken I'm going to cook for that night. I'm thinking to myself..where is all of my chicken I just bought?

Light Bulb!

I run to my trunk and sitting there are two packages of rotten chicken.
You've seriously got to be kidding me. It didn't help that we had hot/warm weather all weekend that just made the smell even worse.

Well...the smell is finally gone out of my car. It took the whole day driving around with my windows blowing everywhere and humid! grrrr.

Has anything like that ever happened to you?!?! Or did your car get stinky for some crazy reason?!

It is ok...that as I am typing up this post...Chloe and Tank are playing and Tank keeps getting stuck under the bed! (he thinks he is smaller than he really is!)


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Have a great day ladies!!!!


  1. oh no! that is gross!! glad that you got the smell out in a day though! hope you have a good thursday amanda! and that bracelet is beautiful!

  2. I have had that happen too, with bananas. Blegh. It took forever to get the smell out.

    PS. You're a rockstar for still working out! Love it!

    Happy Thursday!

    Keep Shining,

  3. That is hilarious and gross all at the same time! I could picture me doing that :-) So glad the smell is finally out!

  4. thanks for linking up!!!
    and i've done that thing with the smell in the car before. i left a couple packages of sausage in the backseat of my car. they were pretty much cooked by the time i found them.
    xx jes

  5. Oh no! The smell of rotten chicken is soooo bad! So glad the smell went away.

  6. I've done something to similar to that. Instead of chicken it was chicken stock that spilled & I didn't realize it. Happy Thursday :)

  7. lol. That is too funny! I have a great story for you! My girlfriend didn't pay her trash bill so they came and took her trash can away!So she would load up her trash in her trunk to take to her mothers every Sunday! Well she forgot one time that she loaded up the trash but never took it to her Mom's house and it sat in her truck for a week! She had no idea why her car smelt so bad! Her sister came over and was leaning against her car and asked what that God awful smell was! It was then Belin realized the trash had been sitting in her trunk!It took her weeks to get the smell out!

  8. Ha HA ha! I am your newest follower- My car has smelled for a while- i felt as tho I may be getting light headed. My boyfriend goes to drive car last night- says my car smells funny! I say "I know it smells like bleach" he keeps looking at me for a really long pause while waiting for the lightbuld to go off "I say oh the bleach in my trunk left from moving may have spilled" sure enough it had!!!

  9. Amanda!! You story cracked me up! I've totally done that before but with some fruit that had rolled under my seat and shriveled up and died there?? I don't even know how it got there...ha!

    Thanks for linking arms with us! P.S. I LOVE that angel spray. mmmmm... :)

  10. Oh my gosh, how terrible!! And really gross :(
    I hate when stuff like that happens and you just sit there like "DANG IT!!!!"
    That is one of the good things about living in Alaska.... it's usually cold enough that it's ok to forget about your food. I left bananas in the trunk one day along with the rest of the groceries while I hung out with a friend for a bit....the bananas FROZE!! When I brought them in the house, they turned to MUSH. I had to toss them all. At least my car didn't stink though, so that's a plus.

  11. Ick.... so gross! I can only imagine how foul that must have been. I accidentally left sour cream in my old car.... yeah, i got a new one a month later. Disgusting!!

  12. That happened to my bf once! But it was rotten milk!!! And it must've been in there for weeks. We thought it was a dead mouse. Was so gross!!!

  13. love your it's okay Thursday post, miss!
    i just scribbled my very first one, hehe
    cute blog btw!



  14. Don't you just love when your car smells? haha I esp love trying to find out why... always entertaining!

  15. Oh vomit! Thats gross. My son left a milk cup in the car once. Um, when I found it - the inside was green and furry. disgusting. Random - I have the same wallet. lol.

  16. OMG, I haven't done that but people at work will let ish just rot in the fridge. Like for weeks, it's sooo gross.

    Hopefully your car smells okay now lol.

  17. I just found your blog, and love your writing!! Count me in as a follower!

    I totally had this happen to me once, except mine was turkey necks (ew!)

    We feed our dogs raw turkey necks to avoid allergies or digestion issues, and they're so freaking gross looking. My husband helped me unload our groceries on a Friday. Monday morning, I got into my black car with black interior (oh, did I mention this was in JULY) and nearly passed out!!

    I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I had to park near our trash cans, but no way they made that smell. So I searched high and low through my car for the source, until I found a grocery bag. When I opened it up, I found a package that essentially rotted at warp speed, making my car smell like a corpse. So I had to drive to work with my windows down, gagging and wretching the whole way!

    I ended up having to go to a car wash and have the entire interior detailed and treated for the smell. It took about 5 months to completely clear out the smell.

    Awful, horrible.

  18. We left a head of cauliflower in our trunk once (it fell out of a grocery bag), and the smell was DISGUSTING! I can't even imagine chicken...blech!

  19. Oh no! I can't believe you left the chicken, haha. I can't even imagine how awful that smelled. Thank God it went away pretty quickly!

  20. Oh my goodness! That's good that it was able to air out in a day. Nothing like that has happened to me... yet.

  21. ew gross! i actually do have a story like that! my husband defrosted some hamburger one night in our apartment but then apparently we decided to go out and forgot all about the hamb in the microwave. well a few days later we could not figure out what that horrible smell was...we cleaned out our fridge and sink and finally found the rotting hamburger in the microwave! it was disgusting!

    have a great weekend girly!


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