Monday, April 2, 2012

MMM...trying something new!

Mondays are always the hardest...don't you think?!
I do!

Dragging myself out of bed...but I'm always glad I do.
I feel so much better after my workout. Don't you?

So do you remember {last week} when I was asking about CrossFit?
(by the way...thank you so much for all of your great comments about it!!)

Well...the Crossfit in my area...offers a free class! So me and my two girlfriends {Audra and Michelle} are going on Wednesday!!

I'll let you know how it turns out next week...I'm actually a little scared lol! As long as we can do the beginner class...I'll be ok!

So here's a little health-spiration
(yeah I just made that up haha!)

Bathing suit season is almost here and I think this one is super cute!!

So what are y'all doing to get fit for summer?!
Eating better? Trying new workouts? Toning up that booty?

Make a change and it will make a difference!!

Now link up ladies and tell us how your fitness journey is going!!
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  1. i know a few people who go to crossfit, but I think I'd be a little scared to go to. I'd go if it was free and I could go with a friend! excited to hear about it. and yes mondays are SO hard!

  2. LOVE that first photo - makes me just want to go out and sweat! heard nothing but great things about crossfit - let us know how you like it! I think that may be my next health adventure!

  3. Have fun at crossfit!!! My group of friends are crazy crossfitters! I just can't afford it right now, otherwise I would! It's fun!

  4. Can't wait to hear how you like Crossfit! I love it - it's great :)
    Thanks for the motivation! ox

  5. I love having something to link to on Mondays for fitness. Keeps me on my toes during the weekend.. althought this past week I slacked. But I'm on top of my A game this week. Yay!
    Thanks for the link-up!

  6. Wooooo! Everyone needs some motivation -- especially on a Monday. :)
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  7. this is a great link up... i will definitely join in!!

    i am doing "operation get healthy"... i'd love to lose about 25 more pounds (i lost 25 in 2011) but my focus is on a healthy, active lifestyle and i'm hoping the pounds will figure themselves out!

  8. I am totally terrified of crossfit but I also really want to try it! Eek!
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