Monday, March 26, 2012


OOOHHHH happy Monday!!!

Let's face it...we all need some motivation on Monday's right?!?!
Let's link up for MMM (Motivate Me Monday)!

First...I haven't posted a nice butt on here in a while...I seriously am working towards a nice butt.
No... I am not embarrassed to say that haha!! 
 I want a nice butt!!!
(is this a close enough view of someone's random butt?)

and this is a super cute bikini my soon to be nice butt will look good in haha!

and does anyone else need this pillow on the couch? or even on their bed?!

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Ok...time to be semi-serious!
Has anyone ever heard of Crossfit or done Crossfit?!
I'm kind of curious and am thinking of trying it!

A little about Crossfit (via)

What is CrossFit?

What It Is

CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.
Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. Combat, survival, many sports, and life reward this kind of fitness and, on average, punish the specialist.

What It Isn’t

It isn’t elitist. The Crossfit program is universally scalable, which means anyone and everyone can do it. The needs of our Olympic athletes and grandparents differ by degree, not kind. Our special operations soldiers and sailors, mountain bikers, skiers, housewives, and high school athletes have all found their best fitness from the same regimen.
*taken from

What are your thoughts?

Well now that I've gotten a quick butt-fix in (you know you're obsessed too!)...I'll tell y'all ladies to have a wonderful day!!

Now link up ladies and tell us how your fitness journey is going!!
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  1. I've got some friends that are cross-fit junkies & love it! I really want to try it & I've heard that it's great since it's short, but certain personality types (ie very competitive) tend to enjoy it more.

  2. My best friend is a Cross-Fit nut!! She does tons of competitions and lives it! It seems a little crazy to me--I tried it but couldn't get into it. But that's just me! :)

  3. Saw your tweet and came over to comment! I just started CF in January and LOVE it. It's SUCH a great workout. And honestly, I don't compete with anyone or even for time. I want to have a good time and I don't want to finish last, but it's more important to me to just finish. You feel SUCH a sense of accomplishment! And I've noticed I went into it thinking I'll never be the CF junkie that some people are. I just don't want to go that much. I see it as a good workout twice a week, even though it almost kills me.. haha..

    I dont know how to explain it, but it's just a really cool workout. At our gym, they warm us up, then spend 15-20 min showing us the daily exercises and making sure we can all do them. Then, they count us down and say GO! And it's all on us. I LOVE that. I love knowing exactly what I have to get done and it's on me whether I do or don't. And everyone is working out at their own level. Me? I might have 15lb weights. The guy next to me might have 40lb weights. It's all about pushing yourself at whatever level you're at. When I started, I regularly asked the trainers "What weight should I do? I'm new and I can't do the heavier weights." And they'd help me. Now, I know what I should be using for most of the workouts.

    And there are tons of modifications. Example: I can't do a handstand..or a handstand pushup. So, I do a modified pushup to help strenthen my shoulders for a future handstand sometime.

    I'm rambling, but I say give it a shot. And if you don't like one gym, try another. It's all about finding your comfort zone. Most of them have a "green ramp" program. I'd do that to get a feel for what it's like. At green ramp, they do the baseline workout for all Crossfit. :)

    Sorry for the novel,but I just really like CF and think others would too!

  4. i need that pillow in every room of my house. seriously.
    xx jes

  5. I've been dying to try cross fit, and I am hoping to do so this summer!

  6. I would LOVE that pillow... but cross fit is a blast.. and does a great workout.. but I do the Pink Method which is basically cross fit but for beginners and moves in phases. I LOVE IT!!

  7. I have been wanting to try a crossfit, but didn't know anyone who had tried it! Good to know you loves it! :)

  8. I love finding blogs that keep fitness in mind - keeps me motivated! thanks for the link- up!

  9. def love cross fit!!

  10. I want that bathing suit!!! Oh, and that butt!!!!! When this baby comes out of me I will definitely be looking into some serious form of getting into better shape than I was prior to getting pregnant!!!

  11. I would love to do crossfit! Its just too expensive.

  12. I'm currently doing crossfit! I've done 3 classes so far. I like it a lot, but I don't like the lifting portion of it. Just because everyone is at different stages and it's hard to really get a workout in while waiting around. I like the cardio intervals they do and for the most part I would def recommend trying it!


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