Monday, April 9, 2012

Motivate Me Monday!

ok y'all!!
Hope you had a great Easter and are ready to work off all those extra calories this week!!
I know I am!
So...remember last week when I told you I had signed up for a free crossfit class? Well...I did it!!
This is me before...pretty scared and nervous of what it would be like!

But I loved it!!
In a torturous, crazy kinda a way!

So I actually signed up for one month! I seriously want to be in the best shape ever and I'm hoping this will help! gets me outta my boring gym routine!'s a little expensive but for what you get...I think it's def worth it! The trainers are right there helping you every step of the way!

I worked out muscles I've probably never worked out before! They said it was a heavy lifting day and they weren't lying!

We did mostly deadlifts. My lower back is still a little sore (and I did the class last Wednesday)! I felt like I was walking like a granny!

My next class is this Wednesday and I'll be doing it three times a week!

Have you tried anything new lately?

and a little health-spiration to eat healthy and work out this week...

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Make a change and it will make a difference!!

Now link up ladies and tell us how your fitness journey is going!!
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  1. That last quote is amazing! I haven't worked out since Thursday, so I'm itching to get back to the gym. I just don't want to do too much since I have a race on this coming Sunday!

  2. I need to get back into doing some sort of class. I really like yoga, zumba, pilates and pure barre!

  3. cross fit it is popping up everywhere!! i would love to get a review of it and what you thought amanda and working off those easter calories yes ma'am!


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