Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A first birthday!

So my weekend was full of fun!
Making cupcakes and little wrappers for my niece's first birthday party!

Addie is such a cutie-pa-tutie!

Here is a tiny recap...
she was seriously excited about the mini pool!

cupcakes and wrappers I made!

mom and two younger sisters! Jessica's baby bump about to pop!

it's like pulling teeth to get E in a photo! (look at Tank...heehee!)

stuffing my face of course!

Oh and if you follow me via Instagram...
I got both!!
They were on sale plus I had another pretty much got one pair for free! Thanks for all of yall's input!!

I hope yall's week is off to a great start!

Here's a little something you may not know...(unless you have followed me from the very beginning)!
Do you know where I got the name of my blog? Last year I had a little Etsy shop named For Love of a Cupcake...where I sold cupcake accessories like wrappers and personalized toppers! I don't do it anymore because it was seriously overwhelming and busy!! So now I just make bracelets in my spare time!



  1. she is so adorable! great photos!

  2. She is too cute! Looks like she had a blast in that pool!

  3. Glad you got both =D And how cute is she ! Looks like a fabulous weekend !

  4. Those cupcake holders were adorable!! And as you know, I love your bracelets, too :) I'm giving one to my mom for mother's day! Anyways, great pics :)

  5. How cute is this? I have a little baby cousin with the same name and this makes me wish I lived closer to home! Great mint pants!


  6. She is so stinking adorable!!! I love water babies and she sure seems to love it.

  7. Ok. Give me those capris...


  8. those wrappers were adorable! :)

  9. Your neice is adorable! Love the cupcake wrappers & the cupcakes look delish!

  10. Omigoodness, she is adorable!!


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