Monday, May 7, 2012

Motivate Me Monday. we meet again!

I think Monday's are always the hardest to get out of bed and workout.

Don't you?

Last week...I only made it to crossfit once...and I felt like blah.

This week...I'm scheduled Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

It's so tiring but I feel so good!! and def seeing some great progess already!

My goal this year...

be healthy, be strong, feel confident

What are your goals for this wise?

Get motivated today and get moving!!!

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  1. Great monday morning motivation! I hope your week gets off to a great start!

  2. Yesssssss. Mondays are the hardest!!! I skipped out on my morning run :/ Just means I've gotta force myself to hit the pavement tonight!

  3. It was so hard to wake up this morning- definitely a Monday!

    My fitness goal for the year is to finally lose the weight that I want to lose & be more confident in how my body feels! Easier said than done :-)

  4. Ugh Mondays ARE the hardest! I am starting a new fitness diet and exercise routine! I posted about it on my blog! Today is Day 1! So it's helpful to know I'm not the only one who struggles on mondays! Good luck at Crossfit!!! You are tough!

  5. ugh i totally need some motivation to get back into my workout routine!!!

  6. I love the "good food" one. I went to get a snack the other day and there was nothing but fruits and veggies in my fridge. It made me mad (at myself) but I didn't eat junk!

  7. Love reading these posts before my workouts on Monday mornings they get me up and at it on the worst day of the week!! So motivating!


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