Friday, May 4, 2012


Happy Friday!
Woo hoo...another week has come and gone!

So I seriously did not have a post for today...what's up with that?! I've been so busy lately... Making bracelets, wedding stuff, making cupcakes and cupcake wrappers for my nieces first birthday party, crossfit is killing me, plus it's been a busy week at work!!


So would you ladies ever want to see me do a VLOG?

I really wanted to link up with Jenna and Ashely today but did not have time and I am seriously clueless about beauty products :-/  I'm looking forward to hear everyone's favs!

Plus I am like the most shy person ever...along with my crooked smile when I'm nervous (and possible talk out of one side as well!!)! My voice goes high and I use my hands alot along with some crazy facial expressions!!

If I did do a VLOG...what should I talk about?!
Any suggestions or questions?

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. you could talk about your wedding! and show some of the stuff you have for it!

  2. oooh yeah, talk about your wedding, like Katie said!! It's ok, I can't talk without using my hands, ha!

  3. Hey Amanda, I don't know anything about beauty products either. I've been learning lately, but I know I'm barely scratching the surface. =) I'm going to link up anyways. You should too! =) Just pick a product you use, talk about it, and then ask for suggestions if you want. =) either way, I'm excited to hear you blog web you get around to it! =)
    Alesha <3

  4. I'd watch a vlog! I'm always too nervous to make one too.


  5. I think a vlog would be great! I would love to see one for Motivate Me Mondays :)


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