Thursday, May 3, 2012

Last thing Thursday...PLUS the April Giveaway WINNER!

Happy Thursday everyone!!

Here are some of my "last things"!
The Life of the Wife
the last thing I cooked was...
Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps {HERE}...this is seriously in my weekly rotation!

the latest song that I'm seriously diggin' (yes...diggin'!)...
Gotye: Somebody That I Used To Know

the last text message I received was...
from Eric...showing me a photo of the tank tops he just bought! I swear he is more stylish than me!

my last craving was for...
peanut butter!!!!
I can seriously eat half a jar in one sitting...I need to find the FAT FREE kind! I actually banned myself from it last week!

my last clothing purchase...
These neon shorts from Express! did I do for my first time linking up with Jenna?

I'm obvisouly addicted to peanut butter at the moment? Is there something you can't get enough of latey?!

have a wonderful day!

and PS: the April Group Giveaway winner is Felicity of Pursuit of Felicity!
(I'll email you later or you can email me!)


  1. those turkey wraps look delicious!! and those shorts are awesome - can't wait for an outfit pic!

  2. Those lettuce wraps look so yummy!

  3. oh I love that song! & those shorts :)

  4. For one... those taco wraps look AMAZING!

    And two... I am obsessed with that song from Goyte as well...

    "somebody that I used to knoooooooooooooooooooooooow"


  5. Those neon shorts are pretty amazing. Express seems to have some great neon things for the summer.

    Penniless Socialite

  6. I will have to try those turkey that romaine? I have seen them made with endive before.

    OMG peanut it. I am hooked on PB&Co's Dark Chocolate Dreams PB- tastes like a Reese's PB Cup...

  7. dang it! I just got that gotye song out of my head. now its back in there. Such a good song. Oh and those neon shorts are amazing.

  8. You did GREAT!!! I love them..I now officially want those shorts! Yup..going to get them now :)

    Thanks for linking up Mands!!

  9. Those turkey tacos look DELICIOUS - I will be trying them soon for sure :)

  10. I'm pretty sure I need to make those tacos asap...along with purchasing a pair of those shorts- adorable!

  11. I am loving the neon trend that is going around!

  12. Thank you so much! I just sent you an email. :D

  13. Those shorts are so cute! Thanks for reminding me it's Thursday- I need to do my post!!

  14. What a fun post! I found a similar recipe on Pinterest for turkey taco lettuce wraps and they just feel apart. Do you have a secret to keep the lettuce from tearing? They were good, but too messy. I haven't made them since.


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