Monday, May 28, 2012

Motivate Me Monday!

It's Memorial Day!

I hope everyone's had a great and long weekend!

Why is my post up late today? I slept in!

But I will need this motivation starting tomorrow...because I def slacked this past weekend (and I'm sure you did too!).

Also...I am looking for the best sports bra ever! Do you ladies have any suggestions?! I need some good support! Help a girl out!


a smoothie recipe!


Source: via Tristan on Pinterest

Source: via Tristan on Pinterest

Be healthy ladies!!!
for YOU!
Link up and tell me about your fitness journey or anything fitness related!!

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  1. The Linky hates me for some reason this morning, Amanda, so I'm going to post my link here, I hope that's ok!

    I love the "I want to be fit, healthy, strong, not skinny" one - that's what I'm always saying. I don't care about being skinny, as long as I feel good, know I'm healthy, and feel comfortable in my own skin. Have a great day!

  2. I love that "will power is a muscle!" I should put that sign up by my alarm clock :) I really use the Target sports bras the most... But I know Victoria's Secret PINK has new great ones in their yoga section!

  3. I am in need of some motivation! ;) Thanks. Hope you had a nice holiday!

  4. LOVE the quick combos you shared above! I will definitely be putting that to use asap! Have a great holiday :)


  5. I am a runner and in my opinion the best sports bra for support (and a really good price) is this sports bra from target -
    and there are lots of fun color options!

  6. I LOVE the breakfast combos, will be so helpful!

  7. YAY for sleeping in! And best sports bra? Boy do I have good news for you! WALMART has the BEST sports bras ever, I just bought nine and have never looked back! HA! I just looked at their website and can't find the exact ones I bought in the store but they come in packs of three and are almost a nylon material. BEST THINGS EVER! :)


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