Friday, August 24, 2012

Fun Times...


photos: c/o Juliana Evans Photography
I was sweaty, my hair was matted down and I was really hungry!


So I had a professional shoot a couple weeks ago....
Featuring clothing and items from Conversation Pieces, Miss Chic, Blowfish Shoes, Rustik Chic, Francesca's Collections, Thorn & Wynn and Distorted Earth.

It was the most fun experience ever!

I contacted Juliana Evans Photography because I wanted some really great outfit posts.  I figured we would be done within the hour and get a few good photos for each outfit.

Boy was I wrong.

Juliana is so amazing. She came prepared with examples of how she wanted me to pose.

If I even had a piece of hair out of place...she fixed it.
If my boots had sand on them...she brushed them off.
She was so great at coaching me and posing me just the right way.

She made me laugh the whole time!

And by the last outfit...I was drenched with sweat and it felt like my hair was matted down lol. Somehow...she posed me and edited the photos just couldn't even tell! 

I actually had no intention to write a whole post about my experience...but I couldn't help was an experience I'll never forget!!

And here is Juliana!!

Thanks again girl!! You are the best!!



  1. she did such a good job! love your funny faces. :)

  2. You look great :) Kudos to her and her expertise - I love a good photographer & pictures are so precious that you have to find the good ones if you can! Look great !!

  3. you are pretty much just perfect :) so glad she was able to help capture it. we love you!

  4. So fun!! She did a wonderful job
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  5. I just found your lovely blog! These photos are so cute. I am really looking forward to getting some professional engagement photos this fall - it will be so fun!

    Have a great weekend! :)


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