Tuesday, August 28, 2012

like the first day of school!


shirt & purse: c/o Conversation Pieces (same shirt)
lace leather bracelet: c/o Rustik Chic (same bracelet)
beaded bracelet: Chloe vs Tank
you guys!
wish me luck this week.
I started my new job yesterday!
it's so different. such a huge corporate company compared to the small family owned business I used to work for!
It was like starting the first day of school as a kid haha!  Especially when I walked into the cafeteria! A ton of different food stations and everyone grouped together at these long tables!
I was so nervous!
One awesome thing about this job...I work 9 hour days but get every other Friday off! woo hoo!
that's all I've got ladies!
check out all of the awesome shops and boutiques listed're sure to fall in love with them all!! I have!
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  1. love this cute and casual look! perfect for summer days! : )

  2. This outfit is too cute! I love a good tank & shorts combo :)

    And congrats on starting your new job, girl!


  3. look at you and all your items being given to you! you must be famous. :) I love your necklace! glad the first day went well - I'd be nervous too! Good luck with the rest of the week!

  4. I just came across your blog through Melissa @ scribble and dash and I am obsessed!!!


  5. I love your accessories AND yay every other friday off!

  6. good luck! and i want your arms! so jealous! :)

  7. Cute outfit!! Enjoy! You have the most stunning smile btw.

  8. love this cute outfit--you look amazing, as always! glad to hear your first day went well :) have a great rest of your week!

  9. I love the stripe colors on that shirt! So fun. The brown purse is really cute too.

  10. You are too cute! I'm feeling all inspired to add some bracelets and jewelry to my outfits this week!

  11. I love your style!! Found you via Pleated poppy link up! :)

  12. this blog is the best!! how did i JUST find you! and your arms are sick looking! i love working out and your hunny reminds me of my hunny!! love the shirt!

  13. adorable look and I am in love with your highlights they are perfection..good luck today , very exciting to start a new job!
    Sheree xxx

  14. These pictures are so cute!!! I love the whole outfit:) I hope your week has been awesome so far at your new job...the every other friday off is nice! xo

  15. Stripes are so fun, especially in these colors! And I am obsessed with the chevron necklace!

  16. Goodness, this look is so carefree and cute. I love it!

    <3 Daryl
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  17. omg i love this top! and these pictures are so adorable & fun!! xo

  18. cute outfit! you look great! Good luck!


  19. Love the 'rainbow' shirt, and congrats on the new job! It will definitely be nice to get every other Friday off!

  20. Found you on the WIWW link up! great outfit!!

  21. Love these photos. You look so happy. And that tank is just amazing. Popping over from WIWW.

  22. Digging the textured gray background & your outfit! Too cute. Not to mention, chevron ruuules.
    xx. Jillian

  23. I love the striped tank top! This look is so casual but still looks put together. I love it! :)

    -Mary @


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