Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wedding invitations!

Oh my goodness...

We finally ordered our wedding invitations last week. They came in fast and we are probably stamping and stuffing as you read this!!

Could we procrastinate any longer?

We decided to put one of our engagement photos on it.
(look how short my hair was...that was in October!)

What do you think?

We thought it would be neat to have our photo on it...
I had never seen that before!

We ordered them from Wedding Paper Divas.
(the same place we orderd our Save the Dates!)

Oh and my bachelorette party is in about 3 weeks!!! Take a look at this post to see where we are going!

Love you ladies!!!


  1. What a great idea! I haven't seen many invites with the couple's picture on them either, but I have to say - I really like it! Good luck with the rest of your planning :)


  2. beautiful invitations!! I love the photo on them! xo

  3. They look great! Good idea on the pictures! Stop by sometime! Ashley

  4. These are amazing! I have never seen invitations like this! LOVE it!

  5. YEAH! that means the wedding is just around the corner...I think that great minds think alike, because we had our picture on the invite as well! I love it because you don't see it that often! :)

  6. LOVE!! Thank you for posting the vendor as well. I'm just starting the wedding planning process (if you have any tips :) or suggestions).

  7. The invites look beautiful and I really LOVE the picture on it, makes it extra special ;)

  8. CONGRATS!!!! how exciting!! LOOOVE the invites! you two are too cute :)

  9. they look beautiful! yay i am so excited for you

  10. LOVE them!! you two are such a beautiful couple! so excited for more wedding pics! xo Kelly

    PS. Come enter my BLING giveaway!

  11. How exciting! They look awesome! Love that photo of you guys!

  12. you and future hubs look absolutely stunning in the invitations! I'm so excited for you - all these details are coming together so nicely!

    and if anyone cancels on the bachelorette party i'm there in no time ;)

  13. I love these!! && your hair grows so fast. Jealous!

  14. Wow the picture was a great idea! This makes me miss wedding planning! Congrats...

  15. Love the announcements! And I love the ones with pictures on them! They're more "fun"

    <3 Jamie


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