Thursday, November 8, 2012


so to give you guys a little of what has happened over the last week and weekend via Instagram...

see...marshmallow obsessed obviously
caramel candy is one of my favs!
I swear I wear my DERNG bracelets everyday!
I'm just excited that Eric likes sushi now!!
our drinks of choice! E gets a Japanese beer and i get an extra dirty martini!
what I wear to work and get many compliments on! an old navy dress. (similar dress)
a new bird short from sheinside! (same shirt)

and this is def my fav insta-photo from last weekend! We got a new 2012 Ford Explorer! I am in LOVE. went from a go-cart Yaris to an SUV lol. And I'll take this as my early birthday present which is next week!!
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speaking of my b-day...tune in for next week...there will be a few giveaways going on!!

Hope yall have a great day!!!!


  1. Color me super envious - I have been looking at getting an Explorer! Lucky (: Super fun pictures! I love hot cocoa and extra dirty martinis haha. Super envious.

  2. I love love love that bracelet and love love love extra dirty martinis! So jealous of your weekend!!

  3. Loving your bracelets and dress!

    I am also marshmallow obsessed! That looks so yum! :)

  4. You definitely upgraded! Congrats on the new vehicle!

  5. i love those caramels! and congrats on the new ride!

  6. bracelets are so cute and i love getting new cars... we recently got a expedition with 3 row seats!!! i feel like a big girl!!!

  7. New car! So exciting!!
    Also that shirt is stellar.

  8. food, outfits and new car!! perfect!


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