Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Marshmallow obsessed

sneak peak from the photoshoot a couple weeks ago! 
bracelets: c/o Derng // shirt & necklace: c/o Hope's

You know you have a problem when...
When your cooking dinner in the kitchen and watching tv at the same time and all of a sudden your husband bursts out laughing...but there's nothing funny on the tv.

You then ask him...'what in the world are you laughing at'?

He is laughing at ME!

He then asks if I can scarf down any more marshmallows before dinner?
Apparently I was shoveling marshmallows down as fast as I could while watching tv from the kitchen.

So...since I love marshmallows so much....
here are a few marshmallow finds from Pinterest!

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

Are y'all as obsessed with marshmallows as me?!



  1. OMG! All of these look amazing, but the marshmallow pops look the best. I'm bookmarking this for a future party!

  2. Those are some great Pinterest finds!!! YUM!

  3. Wow, those all look so good! I never turn away a marshmallow ;)

  4. I love marshmallows too, especially in my hot chocolate!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. Hmmm I love marshmallows. I love burnt ones from a bonfire! I know gross but they taste so good!

  6. when they are burnt and goey, yes!!! otherwise i have to be in the mood for them!

  7. Love the picture...I'm going to wear a similar outfit today and couldn't figure out what just answered that dilemma!! Woohoo! And LOL at your husband watching you! Cute!


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