Monday, March 25, 2013

A Door Scratcher

Yes...they will lay by the door when they really really want to go outside. They act like we deprive them.

No....I'm not a door scratcher! But Chloe is :-)

I will start off by stating that I have been very lucky so far in my life. I haven’t really experienced anything dramatic or very much death.

I will also state that I am the biggest worry wart ever. This might sound crazy but I am constantly thinking about our pups and worry that I left something plugged in or forgot to turn a curling iron off and that the house will catch on fire.

Clo Clo loves to sniff and follow the scent of the many rabbits around our yard and neighbourhood. She also likes to dig. She is OBSESSED with these rabbits.

A week ago, I called for Chloe and Tank to come inside from the backyard but there was no Chloe.

We double check the house…no Chloe. 

I am frantic ...AND spastic.

I run out, jump into the car and forget my cell phone. Eric stays home because we are babysitting 2 of our nephews. I drive around asking all pedestrians if they’ve seen a little blonde dog. No one has. Not to mention the fact that She does not wear a collar because she chews them off but she does have a chip.

By this time, I am balling and finally decide to drive back home.

Apparently, a few minutes after I left, Chloe came to the garage door and started scratching at it, so Eric let her in but had no way to contact me.

She must have been sniffing around in some bushes when I left.

Needless to say, I was mentally drained after that lol. Chloe is my first dog (besides family dogs as growing up) so she is my baby!

Some of you are probably thinking this is just crazy!
But…our two pups are just part of the family :-)

Do you feel the same about your pets? as being part of the fam...

Hope you ladies are haing a great day!

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! My dog is my baby and would be devastated if she got lost! I would have reacted just like you!

  2. I think only fur moms understand this! I am the same way! Jax used to get out all the time and I would freak. Now, I get anxiety over other dogs at the dog park or loose dogs while we are on a walk. Eek. I need help.

  3. I'd be the same way but Sir has separation anxiety & won't go more than 10 feet without us! Our old pup used to run out often and it freaked us out every time! Glad your pup is okay though

  4. oh my gosh, i'm glad she hadn't gone far! i am a complete and total worry wart. we got our puppy in july and i'm always worried. i also think i left something plugged in also. i REALLY need one of those window stickers for firemen that says "1 cat and 1 dog live here". but i totally feel your worrywart pain. whenever our pup is acting calm (rarely) i'm convinced something is wrong with him! i'm going to be a crazy mom someday ;)

  5. Oh man I would have been just like you in the situation! I am a big ole baby when it comes to my dog. He's taken off a couple times and I get so worried we won't catch him. I tear up the second he goes because I am so scared he'll just keep running...and the sucker is fast! However, he's an even bigger baby than I am when it comes to us so I really do think if he ever "got away" he'd be right back! lol.

  6. OMG I totally feel this way!

    I realize that having 3 dogs and 3 cats with a two year old and a baby on the way is A LOT.

    But they are my babies too!!! And we made a commitment to them when we got them to take care of them like our own forever! That's how I feel anyways.

    I'm glad Chloe wasn't lost!!

    Sending you sunshine,

  7. Our kitten is my very first pet and I love her so much! I cannot imagine what our home would be like without her! She is definitely a major part of the fam and I totally understand driving around frantically looking for a missing pet! Right thee with you, except I am sur mine would enjoy many tears! Glad u found her!


  8. I know exactly what you mean. We can't let our dogs out in our backyard by themselves because even though we have a 6' fence they jump it.. and they love to go exploring. There have been a few times where we have had to drive around for about an hour before we found our darn dogs. It's not fun :(

  9. I totally feel that way about my dog! I don't know what I would do if she got loose! My pup is super active and really fast so I won't even test her off the leash- I can't imagine having her run off chasing something silly (possibly a leaf) and having something happen!
    Dean thinks I'm just a worrier, but I think you're better safe than sorry!
    With Luck Blog

  10. omg, i FREAK out when my dogs get loose!! i have kids and my dogs are still like my babies to me! no you are not alone in this! glad she came back!!!

  11. The maxi outfit is sooo cute! Love tying the shirt to turn it into a maxi skirt instead of dress! Amazing!
    Adrienne @


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