Monday, November 3, 2014

Lil Pocahontas

We had a great little Halloween. It was fun dressing Rea up! She was actually starting to get grouchy so wasn't sure if we were gonna make it to our friends house but she took a quick nap and was good to go. She then peed all over her onesie as I was changing her before walking out the I had to quickly remove the fringe and glue onto another one! All you can do is laugh! 

We went over to a friends house and went trick or treating with them and then of course eric and I ate all the candy later that night! I can't wait til next year when she'll have more fun!

 Other photos from the weekend :-)


In other news...
1. The time change is not baby schedule friendly. Rea was wide awake at 5:30 instead of 6:30 on Sunday morning.
2. I can't beat myself up when I stray off my diet plan and eat tons of candy and carbs. Today is a new day to start over.
3. It's time to ween Rea into her crib. We weened her from swing to bassinett perfectly. Let's see how this goes.
4. From the moment this little girl wakes up...she's talkin...and there is no volume control haha!!
5. Rea ALMOST ALMOST rolled over. :-/

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween! Did you or your kiddos dress up?


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  1. So excited you are back to blogging doll! Do you still have a twitter?


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