Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fitness...i need motivation!

So...lately i've been finding it very difficult to get my booty into the gym!
this is where I work out...24 Hour Fitness
Did you know? that this is where Eric and I first met!
Yep! of course i had eye-balled him a few times haha! but then one day...we were side by side on the stair stepper thingy and he turned and said "It's hot in here today". yes...i promise thats what he said...but worked!!
(just fyi...he thinks i pick on him too much in this blog...i dont think you?!) ;-)

Ok...back to working out and motivation...
First off...when i do work out...i get up at 4:30 in the out...come back home...and get ready for work! 4:30 in the morning is not my friend!

I have to say...Eric goes to the gym almost every day...whether he feels like it or not! i wish i had that kind of motivation...that right there motivates me to's just the 4:30am that kills me!

I thought this was some cute inspiration!
and i want to look like this!! (and be this tan!)

maybe writing about fitness once a week will help me get motivated. Next week "I'll try to share some of my favorite routines or moves ;-) look at me...talking like I know what I'm doing haha! did you and your other meet? and what motivates you to get into the gym?
Have a lovely day!
manda panda


  1. You are preachin to the choir here! I'm in the same boat as you. I have to get up at 4:45-5ish if I'm going to work out and not be completely rushed/hate my morning. It's simply not gonna happen for me in the afternoons for numerous reasons. Laziness, plans, chores, etc. But, I'm glad to know I'm not alone. I was good for about a month and got up and did this 3 mornings a week, but I have completely gotten out of the routine! Love your blog! Thanks for the motivation and the pics :) That girl is beautiful!

  2. aw, how cute that you guys met at the gym. you can tell he is a little bit of a gym junkie. :) I personally think you look great! I need to lose about 20 lbs, so I'd die for a body like yours.

    when it comes to exercise, you need to find something that you enjoy. maybe the gym just isn't your thing right now. do they have classes that you might enjoy, like zumba or spinning (those are two of my favorites)? or do you like to go run or walk outside? or you can try Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 (or 30-day Shred.....I swear they are the same thing......) for a good 30-minute at-home workout that will get those abs toned.

    it's hard to do something you don't love - so find something you love and do it!

  3. i need to find my motivation again too!
    i am definitely not a morning person .. i go to
    the gym in the afternoon after work :)

    if you want something to motivate you
    subscribe to women's health magazine
    they have awesome routines, diets, and pictures
    that will motive you for sure lol

    :) i love that magazine i read it all the time!

    :) and here you go
    that's how we meet :) <3


  4. Haha how funny was just thinking today I need to find some inspiration to tone up! Forced myself to go running today.. NEED to get fit.

    Found you via Melian's blog :)

    Hope you check out our blog:

    M x

  5. Meeeeeeeeeee toooo!!!!! I have been trying and trying and trying to get back into shape! And it is soooo not working! But, I'm gonna use that picture of the awesome in shape girl as my motivation now!

    Thank you!!! and good luck!

  6. 4:30 in the morning?? That would be tough! I work out at 24 as well but I go after work, its my de-stresser. I just started doing yoga and like mixing up my workout. I get bored if I do the same workout routine for too long. Have you tried any Jillian Michaels workout routines? I really like her stuff.


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