Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Gazillion (ok only 4) Things About Me That Could Annoy You

(Oh those cheekies!) 

1. I have about 5 pairs of socks (if that) and none of them are matching (and yes they are hole-y). Eric comments or laughs about them every time he sees them. I need new socks! Did I really just admit that?

2. I WILL leave dirty dishes in the sink.

3. The toilet paper roll...yeah... EVENTUALLY I'll put the new roll on it.

4. I can be impatient. If I've set my mind to do something... I have to do it right away....or I won't be able to stop thinking about it (whether it be a craft idea or buying a piece of clothing).

Are you guilty of any of these? Or am I the only one? Haha. What is something about you that would annoy me?



  1. Totally guilty of the sock thing. My socks NEVER match and I tear wholes in my socks often. I think its the way I walk and the way my feet rub against the sock and shoe. I leave dishes in the sink too but it bothers me when my husband does it, lol.

  2. Most definitely guilty of the first two!

  3. Those lil cheeks are sooo precious!

    I love socks, mine usually match, though. ;)

  4. My husband doesn't put the toilet paper roll on and it drives me nuts. haha
    But I stack a pile of all my clothes that I have either worn that week or tried on in the corner of our room and it drives him crazy.

    xx, Jodi


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