Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's ok Thursday Link Up

Today I am linking up with…

…it’s ok to spoil your dog rotten and bring her water in bed!
…it’s ok to check your personal email 100 times a day (while you’re at work)!
…it’s ok to think about being the future Mrs. Wright all day long!
…it’s ok that I have a fiancé that is obsessed with Superman heehee! (if he sees this he will kill me lol)
…it’s ok to wait way too long to get an oil change…oops ;-/
…it’s ok to stop at Starbucks every day and then sometimes at lunch ;-)'s ok to bake all day just for fun!

I hope you guys enjoy knowing a little about me!
I am super glad it's more work day left. it can't come fast enough!
Manda Panda ;-)


  1. haha i check my e mail allll the time while im at work too :) cute blog girl

  2. I would go to Starbucks twice a day everyday if it wasn't so expensive (but that doesn't stop me from doing it at leaste twice a week if not more LOL)

  3. omg, i waited to get my oil changed one time and the engine light came on-- the people at the auto place said they couldnt even tell what oil was in it bc it burned up so bad, haha! thx for visiting my blog-- new follower of yours!

  4. I check my email work too!

  5. haha you are amazing!
    i do the email obsession too <3

    ill definitely link up too


  6. I'm the same way with the oil change thing. I always wait too long and then my car starts acting funny! Probably shouldn't make that a habit anymore!

  7. Lol love this - posts like this are always fun for a little sneak peek into a person's personality/likes/dislikes. Love it xx

  8. I always wait too long to change the oil in my car. But ask me if I ever miss a hair appointment ;)!
    I love baking too!
    Have a great day!

  9. i always wait waaaaaaay too long for oil changes. i dont know why but i do, terrible. and i spoil my dog way too much too, she's a little baby diva, but its ok ;)

  10. haha, I give my cat water in bed too! He loves it out of the bottle. Yup, crazy cat lady here :) Haha!!

  11. Yay... I fellow Starbucks obsessed person. I love that place so much. I'm certain that they put some sort of drug in their drinks to get me addicted.


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