Friday, November 18, 2011

Fun Finds on Friday!

OH YAY!!!!!

So Happy!

I didn't cook any new healthy recipes this week...
but I WAS stalking Etsy and Pinterest!

Here are some fun, cute and awesome finds that I found.

This recipe looks super yummy!
Visit HERE for the recipe.

These are mustache beer markers!!!
What a cute stocking stuffer!
Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Look at these other cool mustache items I found!

Some other cute finds!
a pretty scarf, a pretty coffee cozy, an awesome shoe rack made of cheap bookshelves, and a leather beaded wrap bracelet!

Come to think of it...most of these would make great stocking stuffers or even cute little gifts! except for maybe the shoe rack...maybe you ladies could hint around to your other half lol!

Hope you all have a FUN Friday!


  1. Love mustaches! There is a big Cinco de Mayo block party in Austin every year and this year I bought stick on mustaches for the crew. Needless to say they were a hit! People would just approach us, party with us, and buy us drinks. So many great mustache pics!

  2. i love all the mustach stuff...i dont think i will ever get sick of it!!!:)

  3. Yes that chicken avocado thing looks insanely GOOD!

  4. I'm planning a wedding shower and the bride loves mustache joeks...I'm thinking you've just inspired me to get those mustache straws as a favor! Cute post:)

  5. oh my! i love mustaches
    remember when i did my post about them?
    lol i had like 20 pictures lol

    the recipe looks amazing
    i just printed the whole thing out haha

    the cup holder is too cute!

    have a great weekend love

    *___000000000000000 XoXo
    *_____00000000000 Melina

  6. i am totally loving the moustache trend recently. seriously too many cute items with moustaches. i think i need to get those beer moustaches for my husband for christmas

  7. What a fun post - love all the mustaches!

  8. Ohhh I totally want those beer bottle mustaches. How cute!

  9. mustaches are certainly making an appearance, and i love it!!
    xo TJ

  10. I am going to pin that chicken dish!! Yummm!

  11. I don't understand why everything moustache is super trendy all of a sudden. I've been making fun of a good 'stache for years now. A friend of mine is pregnant, so I'm loading up on hilarious onsies, bibs, etc. (gee, thanks Pinterest) that say things like "I drink till I Pass Out" and "These Idiots Put my Cape On Backwards." I may have to add that moustache one to the list haha.

    Have a good weekend!


  12. HI nice to meet you!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and following...I love yours too and are now a new follower:)

    Arent you totally addicted to Pinterest?? Im right there with you, a total time waster, eye candy:)

    A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  13. I plan on buying cheap bookshelves for my shoes too, thanks for the picture it's now really making me want to start my project!

  14. I love your finds on Pinterest its like thumbing through a magazine,I find so many cool things. I'm following from blog hop, and hope you can return the favor Have a great day! Karren Live Laugh Love To Shop

  15. Hi,
    New follower from the blog hop please comes follow me back :)

  16. great blog.


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