Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Random Tuesday! Plus a Preview of engagement photos :-)

Random Tuesday!

Let's start off with some weekend recap. Didn't do too much!
Friday: I had my pineapple/jalopeno fix from Genghis...remember I was craving it all last week lol. and of course we had some wine!

Saturday: I gave Chloe a bath! Which reminds me...I need to call the groomer today! She didn't like me for about 10 minutes!
Then Eric's mom came over! We made chicken pot pie and drank more wine!

Sunday: We did nothing!!!

So...I worked out my legs and boo-tay this morn...using my exercise routine from yesterday's post. I added in some hip lifts like Kami suggested and lets just say my butt and the backs of my legs will be sore tomorrow. YES!

And a big shout out to E! You are really the BEST!!! He always takes the trash cans out on trash day and does the dishes and cleans the kitchen!!!!!


Well... Allure Photography posted a preview for us on their Facebook page! We are waiting on the CD for the rest of the photos and I cant wait to show you all of them...There are some really good ones!!!! And there are so many! So in the meantime to hold you are a few from Facebook!
Quick note lol! We didn't bring any props except for our engagement sign. The axe was the photographer's idea! But that segment was actually really fun! The photographer went digging in this barn/shed for an axe lol.

I love them all!!!

Oh yeah...we also watched a couple of movies this weekend.
Captain America and Horrible Bosses.
Have you ladies seen either of these?
We loved both! Horrible bosses was a little crazy tho lol!

Have a lovey day!!!


  1. awwww love your pictures! the first one is my favorite. but then again, I'm kind of traditional. I liked Captain America, too. I was surprised!

  2. So cute! I love your jeans and your dress!

  3. Sophie doesn't like baths either. ;-) She goes hiding when I ask her if she wants one.

    I LOVE your engagement photos!!

  4. Looove the engagement photos! Such a gorgeous couple :)

  5. The pictures look great! And Horrible Bosses was hilarious!

  6. 1.Very fun with the Ax! Haha. And so serious! I love them all!
    2.I saw Captain America this weekend too and it was pretty good. I didn't like the ending though!

    If Work Permits

  7. i love the pictures love!
    like i said on the email yesterday
    they look amazing!
    pictures are filled with love and
    you guys look so happy!

    i can't imagine what the wedding
    pictures are going to be like!




  8. You look beautiful!! And that purple dress on you, I mean dannnng, it! ;) haha but seriously, they are all fabulous! And y'all make one good lookin' couple! :) Congrats!

  9. Those pictures are SOOOOOOO GOOD! I really like the Save the Date one. Where did you get those boots? I like that they are a dark brown.


  10. LOVE These!!! So great! Love your outfit choices too.

  11. I love the photo with the save the date! That is a great idea. OMG Horrible Bosses=HILARIOUS! I loved that movie. And your puppy is really good at giving sad eyes ;)

  12. your pictures are beautiful!! I love them all, its going to be hard to pick your favorites! :)

  13. Adorable Pictures!! Thanks for following me:)

  14. Your engagement photos are gorgeous!!

  15. Those are all such great photos!!

  16. Love the engagement photos! Isn't is so hard waiting for the CD! So now are you at the 'save the date' stage? That's where I'm at!

  17. Love the pictures!!! We just saw Captain America too! I was pleasantly surprised.. normally we refer to movies like that as "boy movies" but I liked it!!

  18. Love the pictures!! The last one is one of my favorites! :)


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