Monday, November 7, 2011

Motivate Me Monday! Link Up #3

Let's Link Up for Motivate Me Monday!
I am co-hosting with Ashley and Whitney! Even if you didn't participate in this weeks can still link up and tell us about anything in your life that is fitness related!

Thanks to everyone who joined last week! It was really fun trying some of these recipes!
Yes...I actually tried a couple of recipes from last weeks link up.
1. I tried Miranda's Kale Chips: These I thought DID actually taste like potato chips (I ate them all in just a few miutes lol...about 10)! However, I dont think I put enough olive oil on them because some were not crispy and just tasted like lettuce! E said they would be an aquired taste...BUT he still had M&Ms in his mouth lol!!
2. I tried Ashley's healthy ice cream recipe: WOW!!!!!! This was amazing! E and I both loved it and it was SUPER DUPER easy! I will always have frozen bananas on hand now!
For Love of a Cupcake
Today's Challenge/Topic is : 
What is your favorite muscle (area of your body) to work out...
What work outs do you use for that muscle...
Do you see results??
First...I had an okay week. My problem was all of the left over halloween candy that E was SUPPOSED to take to work but never did lol! My sweet tooth will always be a constant struggle! I will be needing to do some extra cardio this week.

that would be my legs and boo-tay!

Some of my favorite exercises for the butt and the back of my legs (the hamstrings) are...
Lunges, straight leg dead lift and the frog squat.
I always see results and my BOOTY is def sore for a few days!! Like right under the butt cheek!!! So you know it's working on lifting that booty!

Def do it like the picture! and make sure to step big so your toes are ahead of your knee...very important!! i normally do about 40 total (20 each leg) all at once....with or without weights.

Straight Leg Dead Lift...
this def works the back of my leg. Keep your legs pretty straight (shoulder width apart) the whole time but don't lock your knees. Bend until you feel the back of your leg likes its being stretched. BACK ALWAYS STRAIGHT (dont hunch). THAT'S IT! but dont use too much weight. use either dumbbells or a bar.

Frog Squat...
place feet a little more than shoulder width apart. point feet and knees slightly outward. squat like position 1 below (weight or no weight). lift hips up like position 2 then lower to sarting position.

try a new class at the gym
OR if you work out at home...find a new routine/try it out and share how it went.
If you are not sure how to work out a particular muscle group...please email me and I would be happy to help you! Then you can tell me next week how it worked for you!

Now let's link up and share what
body part you like to work out!!
grab the button and visit my co-hosts Ashley and Whitney!

If you have any ideas for challenges...or something you would like to bring us and let us know!



  1. hey girl! this looks great:) i got a ton of good ideas:) plus i love your pictures. the girl with the fro ROCKS!
    love ya:)

  2. hey gorgeous!
    like i told Ash
    thank you both for all this info
    it will help me out a lot
    since i am going back to the gym
    and going on a healthy diet again!

    i appreciate it :)





  3. Haha I love it. Next to my arms my boo-tay is my favorite to work out too! I've never seen this frog squat before, I'm definitely going to give it a try.

  4. Thanks for all this great information. I'm slacking in the motivation department but once I find it, I'll revisit this post!

    Have a great week!

  5. I can't link this week but I'll for sure tell you that I love working out my abs. I think it's because that's the area that needs the most work! Haha. But I can do cruches all day long.
    I'm going to have to do the frog squat for sure because my booty and legs need a work out!

    If Work Permits

  6. I like the idea of your 'Motivate Me Monday' post.
    I most definitely need to be motivated to exercise.

  7. Girl you have an awesome body!!!

    Love the tips.

  8. I also love working out legs. That is what I posted about too. Thanks for the frog squat idea. I tried it yesterday with my leg workout and loved it.


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