Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We chopped down our Christmas Tree! I will not kill it this year!

Hi Ladies!!!
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So on Sunday...we chopped down our Christmas tree
 and decorated the house with Christmas decor!!

Click HERE to read my post on Sunday about a blonde moment with our tree from last year! Last year was our very first tree together!

This is what I wore to watch E chop down the tree on Sunday!
(one of my Black Friday shirts from Express...
with a gifted scarf from a couple years ago, my Rock Revival jeans and my riding boots from DSW with a little dash of Chloe on the side!!)

So here are a few photos at Dewberry Farm!
Kinda look the same as last year!

Please excuse my hair! it was extremely windy!!!!!
plus you already know I have more about those HERE!

E chopping down the tree!

The Dewberry farm signs, the tractor hay ride to the Christmnas trees and we finally reach the Christmas trees!

Once we got home we decorated! The tree is DEF not as big around as last years but it's still 8 1/2 feet tall! The bow on top is humongous!

Where do yall buy tree toppers? I can never find any that I absolutely love!

Putting the tree topper on, stockings are hung, E's cookie jar (he loves snowmen!), and just some other snowmen around the house! 

Now if you read Sunday's know that I killed the tree last year. That WILL NOT happen this year! lol

Have you ladies put up your Christmas trees yet and what are your favorite Christmas decorations...we love snowmen? I loved hearing your stories of getting a real or fake tree in Sunday's post!



  1. I have not put up my tree yet. Sadly I went to Hobby Lobby last night to look for a tree skirt and topper and came up empty handed. Guess I'll just have to make do with what I've got.

  2. Your decorations are too cute! I love the snowmen! I'm a snowflake girl... everything Christmas-y I buy has to have snowflakes!

  3. your tree looks so pretty!!! i love it:) im gonna have to read your killer post hehehe

  4. Your tree looks beautiful! I love the bow as a topper. We have yet to put our tree up. It will probably have to wait until our bathroom renovation gets started. It's a bit tough to get a toliet and tub up the stairs with a tree in the way!

  5. I can't wait to put up my xmas tree! Yours is gorgeous!

    I read a tip this year that if you put a dime size notice in the tree bark where you water the tree, it will live longer. Try it out :)

  6. Your tree looks great! Love the huge bow on top!

  7. So beautiful! I've never had a real tree (as I said before my mother is paranoid) but it's on my bucket list. Until then, I'll just look at my moms fake one and burn my "mistletoe" Yankee Candle candle and dream...

  8. That is SO cool that you cut your own tree down! SO FUN! AND LOVE how you decorated it AND all your decorations this year, SO FUN!

  9. That tree is a total winner! I love it! Good luck on keeping it alive!!

  10. Your tree is BEAUTIFUL (nice work!!)!

    New follower : )

  11. hey love!
    i can't wait to decorate my tree =D
    i always have a blast with
    xmas decorations!

    are we still swapping buttons
    next month?


  12. it looks fab!! Chloe does not look pleased.

  13. Amanda! First of all, you are simply gorgeous. Ok. Now that we've established THAT..... your tree is absolutely beautiful!!!!! And I adore the bow. :) I can't wait until I can go get a tree with my (someday) hubby!!!! You make marriage look FUN! ;)

    xo. chelsea

  14. I love the bow on top of your tree. I think it looks great!

  15. How fun is this!? I've never ever had a real Christmas tree before! Someday I really want to venture out into the middle of nowhere, cut down a perfect tree, and enjoy the scent and beauty of the tree in my home :)
    Or maybe I'll just enjoy the convenience of my store bought tree... haha!
    LOVE your blog!

  16. I put my tree up on Friday and I am in love with it! I totally have a real one and chopped that thing down myself! Well maybe I had a little help from the bf!

  17. My favorite is probably the lights. I love the lights outside and putting them up is really fun too :)

    If Work Permits

  18. Beautiful tree! I haven't had a real tree since I was a kid, but they are gorgeous. Enjoy!

    Made by Lori


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