Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Apples to Apples

Have you ever played Apples to Apples?! It's so fun :)

Is it considered OCD when I must have my cards
lined up from longest to shortest word? yikes!

Our friends Audra and Chris came over for steak, beer and wine Saturday night and it was a blast!

I won both games hee hee!
Sorry Audra! She's super competitive too (maybe more than me?!)!
She JUST started her blog...and I'm so excited!

What are some of your fav games to play?!

Here are a few photos of the pups this the way...Tank is officially 2 pounds heavier than Chloe (22 lbs) and he is only 3 and a half months! eep!

Oh and PS...I am peeved with David's Bridal! more on that later this week...grrrrr....

Happy Tuesday ladies!!

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  1. we love apples to apples. we love playing games. and your dogs are so cute! and david's bridal has been trouble for some people i've heard!

  2. Hahaha, I LOVE Apples to Apples! We registered for it when we got married and someone got it for us. :)

  3. LOVE apples to apples!

    And what are you feeding that boy?! Ha!

  4. That picture of you and Tank is perfection! And I can't believe how big he's gotten already! What a cutie of a man! I can't wait to go get our puppy!

  5. I love Apples to Apples! Great game choice! =)

  6. I used to love Apples to Apples but then we played it too much so I can't stand it anymore. My favorite game is Quelf. If you like being extremely silly and doing crazy stuff it's the perfect game!

  7. Love Apples to Apples! And Tank is so cute! Oh dear - can't wait to hear about David Bridal. Boo!

  8. I love apples to apples. My favorite game is scatagories... SO fun and competetive!

  9. Love all the pictures of the pups! Apples to apples is one of my favorite games! I also like Farkel (a dice game) and funglish!

  10. I've never played Apples to Apples, but I heard it was super fun!

  11. We love playing Apple to Apples!! It's a guaranteed good time, and plenty of laughing! Throw in some Redneck Life, and Farkle, and it's a perfect game night!

  12. Happy Tuesday! That puppy sure is cute! And I love playing games! So fun :)


  13. We had game night Saturday night with 4 other people. We played Catch Phrase. If you haven't played it, you should. WE had a blast and laughed alot. It's hilarious!

  14. I had a verrrry bad experience with David's Bridal. I don't know what your situation was with them, but demand your money back if need be. My mother persisted in getting our money back, and it worked!

  15. Awh, we play Apples to Apples every Christmas. It's a fun, family tradition. =) Love your pups!

    Keep Shining,


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